Some “MO” Good News

February 20, 2010

Missouri River Montana

By Jeff Thomas

A few days ago my Co-worker and I headed down to the Missouri River to do a little fishing. We headed out around 9:30 am and were surprised that it was already 32 degrees out so early in the day. We got our Nymph rigs all set up (mine a Black Wooley bugger with a lightning bug trailer) and Robert had a Bead-headed Prince with an egg pattern. (In case anything was starting to spawn early)

We split up, Robert decided to stay upstream and I headed down stream. I caught 3 decent sized fish in about a 2-3 hour period. It was pretty slow. I decided to head upstream to see how Robert was doing. As I rounded the bend I saw him set the hook on a rising fish. Robert had found a pool that a ton of fish were going crazy for Midges.

I said “how many have you caught?” he said about 25 with a huge smile on his face and a chuckle. I thought he was BS’n me until I saw him catch about 5 in 2 minutes. I brought no dry flies with me but he had an extra Crippled Emerger and I went to work on them as well. I must have hauled in a quick 20 10-14 inch Rainbows and Robert ended up with around 45 fish himself. It ended up being a great February Midge Hatch on the MO.


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