We could lose everything

February 4, 2010

Utah Water Guardians

To all you Utah fisherman tomorrow we need your help.  I try and keep up with what the Utah Water Guardians are doing and get involved as much as possible.  Bryan Gregson has done an amazing job keeping everyone informed.  Please if you have time go the Rally tomorrow 11am at the State Capitol.  Visit Utah Water Guardians website for the latest info.

below is more of the latest information from Bryan and where exactly to meet and where you can park:

It been a crazy week. You, the public, have done a tremendous job so far! Thanks for your hard work, and your time.

There has never been a greater need for water users to get involved. There’s a very real chance anglers could lose everything and face a situation that was worse than before Conatser was decided.

Just a reminder, the rally is tomorrow, at 11am. ALSO, please send a quick fax to the media, we need to make sure they show up.

The grassroots water users are working hard at the Capitol, everyday. If you’d like to lend a hand, we could use your help. Meet daily, M-F, at 10am in front of the House Chamber doors.

Representative Webb released his bill yesterday, HB290 and Representative McIff will be releasing his bill today – its the last day to number all bills.HB29 is a hostile bil!l It’s been kept secret and has had zero public input, which means zero process. This is a bad bill anyway you look at it. More on these two bills tomorrow.

The biggest hurdle up next is the Natural Resources Committee!! Please contact them now and tell them to support HB80 and the public process that went into the drafting of this right way.

See you at the rally!

Bryan Gregson
Utah Water Guardians

RALLY TOMORROW!! Friday, 2/5/10, @ 11am

This years rally is just an important as last year’s. We need to show without a doubt that the people support this decision. After the rally we will enter into the capitol and lobby to our elected representatives (just like last year)

When: Friday February 5th at 11:30am
Where: South Steps of the capitol building
What: Rally, press conference and public lobbying

Parking –> http://utahstatecapitol.utah.gov/visitors/parking.html

more info –> http://utahwaterguardians.org/?p=473

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