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December 24, 2009

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I had seen many ads on Facebook and in my email from Albright Fly Fish about the sales they were having and the timing was right for my buddy.  He has been fishing more lately and needed to get some new waders, boots and reel.  I refereed him to check out the site because the pricing was unbelievably low.   After looking at the products they had on their site I new that their products were not on the level with a company like Simms but still looked like good quality.  Now, by me saying their stuff isn’t as good as Simms is in no way a  bash on Albright because I’m sure they would say that right now they don’t have anything to compete with Simms.

My buddy isn’t a fly fisherman that goes once a week so my initial thought after reading the product discrption was for the prices I thought Albright would be a good option.  He ended up ordering the Bridgestone Waders $39.99, Bridgestone Boots $29.99 and a Bugati Reel $34.99 . Over all I think with shipping he spend a little over $120.00.

I was with him the first time he used them and I can say for the money I was impressed with the quality of their products.

A couple side noes:

I think their website is awesome as well.  It is clean and looks great.  Odering off the site was simple and we even called and talked to someone and they were very hlepful and potlite to talk to.

Albright has Rods, Reels, Waders, Boots, Line and Flies.  Besides the waders, boots and reel that my buddy bought they have other models of these products that have better options and other bells and whistles.

Out of these three products that my buddy bought I was most impressed with the Bugati Reel.  The reel had the feel of a reel that would last a very long time and had all the things you look for in a top of the line reel.

Overall I think Albright has some amazing deals and the quality of their product is great.  They have handful of products including waders, rods and reels that are a little more expensive and have other featuresI will for sure order stuff them for myself and would recommend anyone to look at what they have.

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5 Responses to “Albright Products Review”

  1. Nate Says:

    Santa Claus came early at our house and brought me boots and waders from Albright. I’m excited about the quality, all though this is my first pair of boots and waders so I don’t have much to compare it to.

    Excited for the fishing in 2010!


  2. Dave Says:

    I bought a pair of waders and boots for fishing. The first time I used the boots, the back strap to pull on the boots, just came off. It looks like it had a few threads holding it on. I did not pull hard at all. I especially bought a larger pair of boots so that my feet would slip in easily. The size I bought was correct but the straps just pulled right off. I will call the company and see what they do about it.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    i have talked with a few people there and they seem like good guys….i am sure they will work with you on getting you new stuff. lets us know how they handle your request and let us know how you like them when you get to use them?


  3. David DiYanni Says:

    Finally did get a new pair of boots, just took a while they were back ordered. Nice people easy to work with, no problem with getting replacement boots.



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