Help the Utah Water Guardians!!

December 7, 2009

Utah Water Guardians

A little bit of what the Utah Water Guardians are all about:

Our mission is to educate, cooperate, and motivate one another. We are average everyday citizens concerned with water issues that threaten our Utah way of life. Utah is known for its recreational opportunities, the beautiful scenery and the accessibility to a variety of outdoor activities. We are proud Americans speaking out on our right to use and recreate on Utah’s State Waters.

Our hope is to provide simple steps with easy to follow information that will allow our voices to be heard. It will take a concerted effort by informed individuals to secure the future of publicly owned state waters. We are not just fishermen, we are not just kayakers, we are not just hunters; we are all of these things and much more. So join with us in our stand to preserve the Utah way of life that we all enjoy.

Here is the latest update:

UPDATE – December 6th 2009

In This issue:

  • Water user meeting
  • Capitol meeting
  • Donations
  • Rumors from the Riffle

Water User Meeting

Discussions on Draft #4 went well and everyone seemed to be pleased with the drafts process.  A few of the concerns which were raised in draft #4 have been addressed in draft #5. This still leaves some future discussions to be made. The kayak(er) in attendance brought up some valid points regarding portage. He would like to see portage as a whole – rather than breaking it down and restricting it to “natural” vs. “man-made”. Also, other than kayakers, many of the public’s water users are kids who go “tubing”. This separation puts the public water users at risk of a trespass ticket or injury.

Capitol Meeting – Draft #5

  • Meeting at the Capitol Building took place Friday December 4th, 2009
  • Representative Fowlke presented Draft #5.
    • Draft was discussed and revisions were made.
  • The revised draft #5 will be out soon and it appears this will be the final Bill.
  • Please note section 4-26-4 has been struck.

Click here for Pre-Draft #5Fowlke Access Bill_#5_v2

Fund Raising

  • Donations have been trickling in. So far 50 people have donated! Thank you!
  • With the help of individuals, fisherman, fishing industry companies and organizations, local businesses its over the half way mark, nearly $17,000.00 has been raised!
  • With the help of angling bloggers the newly installed “Button” raised over $500 in the first two weeks!
  • Collection Jars are out! Now accepting Couch Change!

Right now the fundraisers are looking for a Rod and Reel Donation. All donations are received as payment for full retail value! Please contact us at for more information.

Rumors from the Riffle

These are tiny tid-bits of information that have been siphoned through and are only for awareness.  However these are from very reliable sources but not to be taken as factual.

  • Representative Ferry – Rumor has it he will be bringing another Bill in this year. It’s said to have some kind of a permit/tag fee. Supposedly similar to a CCMU type of thing.
  • Victory Ranch – supposedly VR has hired a lobbyist. None other than former Representative and current angler Steve Barth. Rumor has it Steve wants ”wet boot” and 10’ as the easement and a number of rods allowed per year. When asked why he took the job being an angler, he reportedly stated, money is money.

Keep up the momentum everyone!

Please donate to the cause.

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