One Hour on the Provo River

November 26, 2009

Provo River, Videos

I hadn’t been up on the Provo River for while and a few days ago in the afternoon I ended up talking to the “Dr” and we both wanted to go fish but we only had an hour or so.  An hour is plenty of time, right?

I took some video of our very short outing.  I was inspired by the VIDEOGRASS video from the Weber River that we put up a few days ago so I did a bit of editing.  Enjoy!!


10 Responses to “One Hour on the Provo River”

  1. mike nutto Says:

    jealous boys we may have steelhead but you guys got te browns ,nice video shownin how its done


  2. the flytyinfreak Says:

    Kick ass! Nice fish and killer soundtrack! Who is that?


    Big Hoss Reply:

    it is G Love and the Special Sauce. the song is called Garbage Man. thanks for the props, I really don’t know what i am doing but it turned out pretty good.


  3. Cutthroat Stalker (scott) Says:

    Nicely done gentlemen! That’s what all the quickies should be like. However, it looked like Dr. G was getting a neck cramp from all the fish–better work on that technique doc! 😉


    Dr G Reply:

    Yeah, that wasn’t very good form at all…but what do you do when your hands are about to fall off and you refuse to wear gloves??? A little neck heat and i’m good to go another fish or two. It was worth it though we caught a lot of fish that night…


  4. JoeRed Says:

    Great Video Guys! I was able to hit the Provo this last week in the morning and it was pretty off the hook. There aren’t many places where you can slip away to for an hour and hook into 3+ nice sized fish. Turned out great! keep up with the awesome videos!


  5. Ryan Jensen Says:

    Do BWO hatch this time of year? I’m new to the Provo and headed down today to do some nymphing. About 30 minutes in (about 2:00) a bunch of bows started going crazy. They were feeding on the surface everywhere. I couldn’t even see what they were eating. Whatever they were eating, I didn’t have it. I caught one on a PMD. Just wondering if anyone has an idea. I was surprised.


    Dr G Reply:

    Ryan its great you were able to get out. Most likely what you were seeing was a midge hatch. They are tiny and black and usally hatch between 12-3 during this time of yr. Next time you are out try a size 20 Griffith Gnat flowed with a WD-40 or any emerging midge size 22 and smaller. It can be some of the best top water action of the yr and you will have the river to yourself. Good luck


  6. Seth Ellsworth Says:

    Hey Big Hoss,

    Love the site. Don’t remember how I found it but I like it. You and me need to renew our acquaintance. I live in AF now and from the looks of it, you aren’t too far away. I need to fish more and I’d love to hit the river with you sometime.




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