Royce Klingler’s “No Bull” Fly Fishing Guide School

November 23, 2009


trout-cutthroatApril 23 through April 30, 2010

What you really need to know to be a successful fly fishing guide.

“Participants will leave the guide school qualified in advanced guiding techniques, and ready to guide fly fisherman.  I want every participant to know exactly what it takes to be a successful guide.”
-Royce Klingler

Maximum Enrollment: 12 people

Cost: $2,100 per person

Secure your spot in the school – 50% deposit, remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to class.

Where: Warm River, Idaho
L odging and meals at a private lodge in Warm River

Rivers that will be used during the School:
Henry’s Fork of the Snake River
South Fork of the Snake River
Teton River
Robinson Creek
The Old Teton (private creek)

Upon completion of the Guide School, you will have the knowledge to:
(see the itinerary for more details)

  • Instruct beginning anglers on correct casting techniques
  • Instruct clients on how to hook and land fish
  • Instruct clients on how to properly handle fish
  • Safely row a drift boat or skiff
  • Administer First Aid and CPR
  • Identify insects and other aquatic life
  • Read the water
  • Secure a job as a fly fishing guide
  • Understand the guide-client relationship
  • Handle yourself as a professional on the river
  • Tie a variety of knots for leader to fly line, fly line to backing, tippet to leader, tippet to fly
  • Build a good client base
  • Gain repeat business from clients
  • “Work Your Guts Out” to help clients catch fish
  • Get a return on your investment of time and guide tools i.e. drift boats, fly rods, etc.
  • Implement correct river etiquette
  • Take good photographs of fish



Day 1 – Arrival Day
5:00 pm – Arrive in Warm River, Idaho, Review Agenda for the Week
7:00 pm – BBQ Dinner

Day 2 – First Aid and CPR and Instruction/Lectures
7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am -12:00 – CPR, First Aid Certification by the American Red Cross
1:00pm—Gear Review. Guide gear: what you have to have and what you need to have.
2:00pm—Introduction to Drift Boats, Skiffs, Trailers, Oars, Anchors, Life Jackets, First Aid Kits
3:00pm—Casting 101 (Royce Klingler)
4:00pm—Teaching beginners how to cast and have success the first day out!  (Royce Klingler)
5:00pm—Advanced Casting Instruction, Double Haul, Distance, Accuracy Tips, False Casting
6:00pm—Fly Tying Demonstration and Lecture “So you think you want to be a guide?” from World Renowned Orvis Guide of the Year and 34 year veteran Three Rivers Ranch Guide Doug Gibson.

Day 3 – On the River (Not Limited to Just the Agenda, Hands-On Advice all Day)
8:30am—Rowing Safety with Three Rivers Ranch Guides.  How to turn your boat into a
beneficial tool rather than just a vessel to get from point A to B.
12:30pm – Lunch on the River
1:00pm-5:00pm—Rowing Safety Continued
5:00pm—Knot tying, All the Staple knots, and some of my “Top Secret Knots” for streamers, and dries (Royce Klingler)
6:00pm—Sage Advice (column review NSA’s Blog Site)   (Royce Klingler)

Day 4 – On the River (Real Client Interaction along with Three Rivers Ranch Guides)
8:30am—Reading the water, rowing to the fish, not over the fish. Guide Etiquette
10:00am—How to approach a run, anchoring the boat and wading with Two Anglers (Royce Klingler, Three Rivers Ranch Guides)
1:00pm—Reading the water and rowing (continued)
3:00pm—Photography.  How to take good pictures of fish, and why that is important!
Renowned photographer Marc “Rowdy” Crapo.
4:00pm—How to land and handle a fish, How to teach your clients how to handle fish, how to release fish properly etc.  Royce Klingler
5:00pm—Building a Client Base, Marketing Yourself, How to Get Repeat Business.  Royce Klingler and TRR Guides.
8:00pm—Fly Fishing Movie Review

Day 5 – On the River( How to Work Your Guts Out to Get Clients Fish!!)
8:30am—Rowing, back rowing, walking your boat, walking your boat upstream, etc.
1:00pm—Rowing, Fishing, Reading the water, bug selection, Constructive feedback.
5:00pm—Entomology—of course this is vital, but why are birds, flowers and trees important?
By Veteran Guides Cliff Weiss, Doug Gibson, and area Entomologists

Day 6  – On the River (Repetition, Rowing, Fishing, Catching Fish)
8:30am—Rowing, fishing, catching fish.
1:00pm—Talking a client through the cast, the hook set, playing the fish, netting the fish
5:00pm—Guide-client relationship- attitude. (funny client stories)   Guide vs. Client  (Royce Klingler, Three Rivers Ranch Guides)
6:00pm—Lecture  “What is the most important part of your clients trip besides safety?” (Royce Klingler)

Day 7 –On the River (Repetition, Rowing, Fishing, Catching Fish)
8:30am—On the river
1:00pm—Guide-client interaction, more rowing, fishing, catching, matching the hatch etc.
7:00pm—Live Band!  Graduation Party!!!

Day 8 –
8:30am—Job Leads and Referrals and contact information for area outfitters

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  1. Jim Hickman Says:

    Do you have available spots for the upcoming Guide School.
    Also is it possible to have a single room supplement?
    Thank you
    Jim Hickman


    JLit Reply:

    Jim, this guide school has been on hiatus for awhile. We would like to see a revival, but it probably wouldn’t be for this upcoming season.


  2. Dustin Adams Says:

    Are you guys going to get this school going again for this season or next year2016?



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