Missouri River Brown

November 18, 2009

Missouri River Montana

brownBy Jeff Thomas

About 3 weeks after Big Hoss Came to Montana on his “work trip” I headed out on the Missouri River with my buddy Ryan Graves. We got up early and headed across the Dam while it was still dark. We found a nice spot where there was a perfect shelf that I had a feeling was gonna produce some nice sized fish.
After about 15 minutes I had hooked a something Fierce. I must have fought this fish for a good 5-7 minutes. I was half-way through my backing when it spit the hook. After a few choice words and some heckling from my buddy behind me, I was back at it.
So I worked my way upstream and then WHAMMY! I had another one on! I new he wasn’t as big as the previous one but still had a lot of size to him. After jumping out of the water about 3 times, my buddy could here me hootin’ and hollerin’ and came running around the corner just in time to take a picture. It measured a healthy 23 inches, and I was able go home with a smile on my face.


6 Responses to “Missouri River Brown”

  1. Eric Says:

    Just a suggestion. At the end of each posting add in parenthesis a little note on the rig. Ex: (#22 Hi Vis Para Adams).

    Always interesting to see what works where.



  2. Counselor Says:

    Nice brown, Jeff! I feel bad for you concerning the one that got away. It sucks wondering what you missed out on. That kind of thing seems to happen all to often.


  3. BG Says:

    Great report…’ the one that got away’ always keeps us going, looking forward to see the redemption post.



  4. Ross Slayton aka the flytyinfreak Says:

    I agree with Eric. were you using a sink tip? What kind of streamer were you fishin? I know it had to be a streamer of some kind cuz browns that big ain’t sippin zebra midges at sunrise! So spill please. Feed us Seymour feed us


    Dr G Reply:

    From the looks of the pic, (and the Glow Bug under the faceplate) it looks like he was nymphing with a glow bug and I wound say a hares ear or copper john…Plus this time of year is when the big browns move into position to spawn (reason for the dark colors in the pic) and are easier to catch if you can find there pre-holding spots or where the big males are picking off eggs… Just my 2 cents


    Ross Slayton aka the flytyinfreak Reply:

    AHA! I didn’t even notice the glo bug until you mentioned it! I just fished the Stanislaus river down at it’s mouth to New Melones Res. this last weekend. The Kokanee were stacked up like cord wood but we got skunked! I guess the trout were stuffed with post spawn eggs and flesh. There were only 10 or so of us out there and not a thing was caught all day! we threw everything at these fish (not to the kokanee and not on the reds) and couldn’t get a hookup at all. 


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