These Sticks are Scandalous!

October 28, 2009

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Custom Fly Fishing Rods

I have mainly been a 9ft 5 wt rod guy for general fly fishing on lakes and rivers.  I do own a 12 wt for the big tarpon down south and a 3 wt for the beautiful small creeks that blanket the great state of Idaho.  I have owned Eagle Claws to Scotts and really never been particular about a certain brand, although I do really like my Scott S4s.

That has been the case for quite some time.  Until now.  I just received the sweetest custom fly rod from Scandalous Sticks.  It’s owner Steve Vance is as rowdy as they come and one heck of a rod builder.  He just made me a 9.5ft 5wt rod and it is the best casting, fish sticking machine out there.

I have attached some pics of my rod and some others that Steve has made.  If anyone wants a sweet rod and a sweet deal, contact Steve at

As you can see from the pics, he does great work.  It even catches a few fish too.  :)


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  1. Jules Says:

    I really enjoyed all the videos. The writing in your blogs was dead on and gave great information. Look forward to reading more. JR


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