Fishing New Water

IMG00095-20091015-1828When thinking about writing this post I wanted to just tell what we did where we fished and throw up a few pictures. I know that is most of the time what I do but this time when I sat back thinking of how satisfying it was to fish new waters and have great success I wanted to share a couple pointers that I do when I hit new waters.

Last week I had a meeting in Great Falls, MT so I wanted to plan extra time on the way up and the way back to fish. On the way up we stopped on the Beaverhead just a mile or so below the dam. I read some things about the river and the advice was to use a pheasant tail size 16. Right when I hit the water I put on the recommended fly and sure enough it produced and produced big!!  The down side was I only had my camera phone to take some pics.

DSC_0745On the way back we hit the Missouri River right outside of Helena. My friend that lives there met up with us to show us what to use and where to fish. We ended up below Hauser Dam and the fish were active, we ended up landing a few nice rainbows.

After fishing these waters I will be heading back as soon as possible.

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4 Responses to “Fishing New Water”

  1. Counselor Says:

    Wow, Hoss! Living the dream. What a beautiful scene. Those are some really nice lookin’ fish.


  2. Jarrod Says:

    Very prety canyon, Nice Trout!


  3. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Dude, I am so jealious…Those are some nices bows and sweet scenery shots. I wish I had to go to MT for work, I would plan meetings weekly. Great job Hoss


  4. rmtroutfitters Says:

    WOW! I don’t know if there is anything else to say… Beautiful trout, great scenery!


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