First fish on a fly

October 8, 2009

Provo River

Last week I took a friend fly fishing for the first time.  I love taking someone out to river and putting them on fish.  Of course, there is a selfish reason of why I like to take people and that is it gives me a great excuse to be standing in water some where but the main reason is to introduce someone new to the sport, show them how to catch fish and explain how much fly fishing means to me.

This last time I took my friend Paul to a spot on the Provo River where I know no mater how tough it might be to catch on to casting, mending line and or presenting the fly the fish will eat what ever you put in front of them.  Sure enough Paul had on a few and landing two.  Any friends or anyone for the mater want to go fly fishing for the first time let me know I will always make time to show someone how to catch a fish on a fly rod.   I included an email I received from Paul after we went.

“Thanks again for taking the time to show me the basics of fly fishing. While I, like most people, thought I had the basics learned from watching ‘And a River Runs Through it’, I quickly realized that the art of fly fishing is just that….an art. Much like that of golfing, the pursuit of that perfect cast is a continual effort based on ever changing conditions both in and out of the water.

As you educated me about all the different components of fly fishing, I must say I was quite amazed at your vast knowledge and all the things to take into consideration when trying to fly fish. I had no idea of all the different fly options based on the time of year, time of day, location, and so on.

While I would like to think that after one outing I didn’t do to badly, I know I still have room for improvement. Thanks for taking the time to show me all the many things to be cognoscente of when trying to catch a fish whether on top or on bottom. It was really quite interesting to work on mending the line so not to drag it and give the fish the illusion of a natural bug underwater. I would like to think you are a master of the art but I’m sure you’d humbly reject the compliment. Even though we only caught a few fish that day I must say that I’d go out and again to continue the pursuit of an improved cast as well as gaining a growing knowledge of the sport.

I had a good time. Thanks.


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