Did you ‘Say Shells’? No, Seychelles!

September 29, 2009

Dream Destinations, Frenzy, Seychelles

Dream Destinations

I have quite a few destinations on my list of places to fish before I die, but Seychelles ranks close to the top.  That would be a fly fishing trip one would not forget.

Bonefish, Triggerfish, Giant Trevally, and Milkfish abound.  Plus, the water and beaches are beautiful.  The food also looks good.  :)

This video really captures the essence of Fly Fishing Seychelles while mixing in the culture.



One Response to “Did you ‘Say Shells’? No, Seychelles!”

  1. troutdawg Says:

    That place is still high on my list and those Milkfish and monster GT’s keep calling me. My friend who guides down there says things are a bit unsafe “putting it mildly” down there right now with the pirating going on. They got hijacked awhile back and was pretty scary, crazy guys still took their ransom money and sunk their boat after all. I may wait a bit till things die down but will be down there as soon as I get the chance when gives me the go ahead!


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