What is the perfect couple?

September 15, 2009

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P9090063After my last little fishing trip up to the South Fork of the Snake it made my think about that is the best, most poplur and or most favorite two fly combo?  Now, I know that it will depend on the river, time of year, sub surface or dries and possibly many other scenarios that might call for different combos but I want to know what is the most successful or favorite.  I guess I should explain further about why I pose this question.  When Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson and I floated the South Fork, of course this time of year, all we used were dries and the best combo between the two days was a true hopper and a trailing caddis.  This combo killed it, the fish took both flies pretty consistently.  Now, on the Provo River I would say after years of fishing that the best dry fly combo would be a Parachute Adams /PMD and for nymphing is Scud/Flashback Pheasant Tail.  Ok, so I could go through all my favorite rivers and list all the combos I use but I want to hear from all the Frenziers.  Please comment and tell us what river and what combo of flies is your favorite.  If we can get 30 comments we will do a drawing for a Frenzy hat.

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15 Responses to “What is the perfect couple?”

  1. Larry Tullis Says:

    Try a Chernobyl Ant trailing a San Juan Worm 5 feet below with a small split-shot to keep it down. It’s a great big fish combo. Use SJ in red on low light and brown during sun.


    Jarr Reply:

    Larry, is this for the SF ? I just got back. I used Chernobyl Ant trailing a mayfly cripple. It worked but I like the idea of a San Juan.


  2. mike nutto Says:

    Dechutes River

    the 265 nymph (mayfly pattern size 14 to 18 ) and silveys caddis emerger(sizes 12 to 16)


    Big Hoss Reply:

    What is the 265 nymph? I would love to see a picture.


  3. Dave Hancey Says:

    I might be stealing the Dr’s favorite, as he is the one who’s taught me. But Iit’s hard to pass up on a PMX with a Pheasant Tail dropper.


  4. Adam Hone Says:

    I agree with you on the Adams/PMD combo on the provo. During the drake hatch, I was loving a big chicken Green Drake on top and trailing a beadhead green caddis nymph.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I love where your heads at Adam.


  5. Dan Bischoff Says:

    If I’m using a dry fly, my dropper is always some sort of emerging pattern — and that depends on what bug is the most active — and that is usually an emerging mayfly or caddis pattern. I find, even when fish are hitting the surface, they will hit my emerging pattern 75% of the time. I assume it’s easier for them to hit those bugs that are swimming to the surface. My dry-dropper combos are usually: (dry)hopper–(dropper)caddis/PMD/BWO emerger/WD40; (dry)BWO/PMD/Caddis–(dropper)whatever emerger that is hatching.
    If I’m solely nymphing, my top fly is usually a big, bright one: San Juan Worm, Sparkle Caddis, Prince Nymph, Big Stone Fly; and the droppers would be midges or mayfly nymphs. Now all my secrets are out of the bag.


  6. Ross Salyton aka the flytyinfreak Says:

    Hmmmm? Well I would say on the nymphin front I can’t go wrong with a beadhead Prince nymph and a PT dropper. As much as I tye tons of other style nymph’s and rs2 and flashbacks and blah di blah’s I must say that the prince nymph just plain kicks ass!  On the dry front I would say an elk hair or deer hair caddis with a small pupah of the same color dropped off about a foot. my own little invention I call the pupa-liscious is a real trout treat and I don’t think I can have enough of em in my box. I love the viscious takes especially with the large size 8’s in orange i  have tied for the october action that’s just starting to pick up out west. do You Utah boys get an october caddis hatch?


  7. Jason Littlefield Says:

    As a novice, my opinion may not be as detailed as Dan’s (don’t worry, dan and I go waaaay back), but lately on the South Fork of the Snake, I have used a chernobyl ant, with several diffent nymph patterns, the most effecting being a red san juan worm. Why you ask? Because that is what works, and also being a novice fly tier, the san juan was the easiest to learn, so I have a whole bunch of them. The browns are becoming a little more aggressive, and I was able to nab a couple using that combo.

    Otherwise, my favorite nymphing combo is a brown rubber legs, with a peach glo-bug. That combo has produced fish for me, time and time again.


  8. Royce Klingler Says:

    All I’m going to say is “Bling and Black” baby!!!!


  9. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Like you said Hoss it really depends on the river. But for the SF(July-Oct) its a double hopper one over sized size #2 and the second a smaller #8 or 10. But for any other rocky mtn river I love the combo Dave mentioned.

    Dr G


  10. Sam Says:

    just want the hat


  11. utah fly fishing Says:

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