Take That Boy Fishing!

September 7, 2009

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Growing up I had a great older brother that would always take me fishing.  I remember lots of hours on the Teton River, Henry’s Fork, and South Fork of the Snake.  I can still remember the day my older bro came home and woke me up to show me the 18lb, 36 inch Brown Trout he had caught below Palisades Dam.

Those days hunting trout instilled the itch in me to get out and fish.  I started with a worm, moved up to a panther martin, eventually a rapala, then ultimately fly fishing.  I now tend to the prefer the latter 99% of the time.  But, my passion for the sport probably would have never been fueled if it hadn’t be for someone taking me fishing as a lad.

Now that I am a father with 4 kids I want to do the same thing for my children.  This summer I have really tried to focus on going out with my 4 1/2 year old and give him a taste of what fishing can be.  I have tried to do it at a pace that he won’t get burned out, but give him enough exposure that he will want to continue these outings for years to come.  Sometimes, my little fishing buddy is more concerned about the water snake (I hate snakes, so i steer clear) or the coolest looking branch he finds on the ground.  Sometimes we only get a few casts in before he wants to venture to a different hole.  That is all fine though, because I believe it is all about the overall experience with your fishing buddy.

I have always wondered about the age at which to take your child out and how much exposure to give them to the sport?  Also, do you throw them right into fly fishing or do you start them with a worm or spinning rod?  For me, I have just done what feels right to me.  I would however love to hear from the Frenzy Nation on what they have done or plan to do with their little fishing buddies.

I have included some pics of this summer’s outings.


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  1. Brenda Edin Says:

    Great story – thanks for sharing! We have similar memories around here and also compelled to pass on the love for the outdoors, including fishing, with the kids!


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    thanks for posting Brenda. It is a great thing to pass on a love for the outdoors to the future generations. :)


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