Casting 4 a Cure. The wrap up.

September 4, 2009

Casting 4 A Cure

Casting 4 a Cure

This last weekend was the Casting 4 a Cure event and it was a fantastic event that was well put together.  Thanks to Bill Farnum and Jim Copeland, we had a great time and it was very well organized.

Here is a brief recap of what happened and of course, who won the fly fishing contest.

  • Thursday: Each group checked in and registered.  That night we all met at the Christensen Art Gallery in Victor, Idaho.  The artwork was amazing.  We listened to the story behind the cause that Bill is engaged in and heard some musical talent from a bluegrass band.  There was wine and cheese tasting as well as a silent auction.  We polished the night off with a one fly/one cast in Christensen’s pond, but unfortunately no fish were roped.  I did have a strike if that counts.  :)
  • Halloween 2006 009Friday: All the teams met early that morning at the Lodge at Teton Springs, met our guides, and headed out to different sections of the South Fork of the Snake River.  We all fished hard!  Later that night there was a BBQ and live band playing over at the Lodge at Teton Springs.  It was a family and community event that was well attended.  One of the highlights was meeting the sweet and beautiful little Ella Farnum and realizing why this cause is so important to the Farnums.  Through this nights event they were able to raise even more money from the community for the (IRSF).
  • Saturday: We all headed out again and fished a different section of the South Fork.  We again fished like crazy.  That night we all came back and reported our numbers.  The contest was to take the 4 biggest fish (in inches) each day, add them together, then divide by that number to come up with an average.  We had to wait on a few teams, but after we were all gathered, the results were tallied and the winners were:

10430_149652174809_779954809_3493604_5875978_nTEAM SCANDALOUS –  Mark ‘Rowdy’ Crapo and Thad Robison with a combined average of 19.5 inches.  Rowdy roped the biggest pig of the tourney with a 23′ Cutt that sipped a hopper under an overhanging bush.  Be sure to check out No Sports Allowed for the pics of that sloth.  They both won a little trophy and a sweet Fly Rod from Sage.

They awarded the top 7 teams with smaller prizes.  There were about 15 teams.  Team Frenzy underperformed coming in 8th place.  Big Hoss and I just couldn’t seem to rope the big dogs.  We did catch quite a few fish, but couldn’t manage anything over 18inches.

Team NO SPORTS ALLOWED Royce Klingler and Drake Munson won the most fish caught contest with 95 fish in 2 days.

Overall, it was a great event with great sponsors and great people.  I can see the event next year being twice as big.  It was well put together and a ton of fun.  The main goal of this event is raising money and awareness for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and that was definitely accomplished.   I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Thanks to all that donated and/or participated.

We snapped a few pics of some of the fishing thanks to Big Hoss.







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  1. Casey Says:

    Thank you guys for being a part of this event! Looks like you killed it! Hopefully we’ll see you next year.



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