Bow Hunting!

August 24, 2009

Fly Fishing Idaho

Fly Fishing Idaho

I went out bow hunting last Friday with the cats from Double R Productions.  Both guys have a world of knowledge when it comes to fly fishing and capturing exciting moments on film.  We trounced around some uncharted waters and had a decent day.

Although we were looking for big Bows, Cutts and Browns have been known to attend these waters.  The day was beautiful and hot.  We each landed a good size Bow, but had quite a few fatties that gave us the fin.  These fish had some serious SHOULDERS!

I have attached a few pics, but we did capture some unreal footage that will be profiled in No Sports Allowed Volume 2.



2 Responses to “Bow Hunting!”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Thats cool, I was bow hunting too, but for a huge Elk in Southern UT. It looks like you guys did a little better than myself. Can’t wait to see the footage


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    I’m a fan of Bow Hunting, but more so of Rain’Bow’ trout hunting. There were some sloths that got away. it was a good day. The footage should be rowdy. some of the footage will be shown September 10th in Orem at the Scera theater when they do a showing of “No Sports Allowed” Volume 1. I will be down there. We will have to rally the troops and all go.


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