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August 9, 2009


dry_dropperWe don’t really give a lot of tips or advice on the Frenzy due to the fact we really don’t think we know a ton about fishing we just like to fish a lot but here is a simple great tip to help catch more fish.  “When fishing dry flies use two flies.” The last few years when fishing with dry flies I have been using two flies.   Here are a few, of many, tips or times you can use two flies.

  1. Have your first fly act as a strike indicator or visual marker so when fishing a dropper you can easily spot takes. Of course try and have the first fly match the hatch.
  2. Have both flies the same type of fly but slightly different, maybe size and color, so I can narrow down the right fly with the hatch.
  3. Put on a big fly (hopper or huge bug) to entice some looks from the big fish that might be looking for a big meal and use for your second fly what is hatching (emerger or adult).

Ok, I image that most of us already use two flies when fishing top water but for those that might not do it, start, I promise it will help you catch more fish.

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