Love Hate Relationship

August 3, 2009

Logan River

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I have realized that I have a love hate relationship with the Logan River.  I fished the river with Dave Hancey this past Saturday and left the river thinking how frustrating the river has been.  I think that I have fished the Logan River about 6-8 times in my life and all but 2 of the times have caught fish so I have had decent success fishing the river.  I think the reason that the river is so frustrating is because when I drive by it I know there are fish in it and the water is some of the most clear and beautiful water I have fished.  When I do fish it I am observent and stelthy so that I don’t spook the fish but the frustration comes when I fish a run and in my mind I am thinking “what an awesome run, there will be fish in here” and I end up saying this hole after hole and run after run.  Almost everytime, like I mentioned, I catch fish and even this last time I had a fish going  after my dry or dropper landing 5 in as many hours but when leaving I always think there should be so much more fish with how the water is and with all the bug life.  I do know from people like Scott Carles AKA “Cutthroat Stalker“, a online buddy that lives in Logan, that people have 30 fish days on the river and I guess that is the finial frustration.

The conclusion I have come to is that I still have a lot to learn about fly fishing.

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  1. Cutthroat Stalker (Scott C) Says:


    Yep, it’s one of those rivers that is fishy looking throughout with those killer looking holes you just know have to have fish. And *numerous* fish counts by way of shocking agree–lots of fish! And yet you come up with a goose egg.

    I’ve found that there are sections that have more easily caught fish (there’s got to be some serious grant money to scientifically study this–and I’m willing to do the dirty work). I’ve repeatedly fished sections that *look* good, and have never caught fish in several of those areas (a couple I have in mind I have fished about 10 times–zippo!). So I pretty much stick to the tried and true for 80% of my fishing, venturing to a couple of new holes for the other 20%.

    I notice picture 3&4 for sure (1&2 I’m pretty sure) are from one of the areas I told you about. But if you look at picture 3, you needed to go around that corner to the left another 30 yards. At least, that’s where I caught about 5 from one nice stretch. And then continue another couple of hundred yards for the rest of the fishing. The hole in picture 4 used to be great and I would catch risers out of there all the time. This past week I got two rises, but no takes.

    Typical fishing strategies apply there: Sometimes the fish are picky, and you have to search for the right fly (I caught 2-3 times more than Dan did on Friday and I had a different pattern than him–yes, I offered him one and he lost it after catching a couple of fish on it). Presentation is important as far as drag goes. The *closer* to the fish I am, the more chance I have of catching him (I bet I caught at least five by hanging about a foot of line from the tip of the rod with the rod tip clearly visible to the fish–I’ll have a video of some close/stealthy fishing on my blog from Friday’s fishing sometime in the next couple of days.

    Two last items: 1) Yes, I’ve been skunked on the river and had low catch days. 2) I learned to fly fish on the Logan River. I fished at least 20 times in two years before catching my first fish on the Logan. I kid you not.

    OK, truly the last: take the offer to come fish with someone who *often* catches fish on the Logan.


    Big Hoss Reply:


    We did hit the area you told us about right off the bat. We got up there at about 1ish and pounded that section for about 2 hours and caught one. We then decided to go explore the river. I had fished the second area we hit once before and wanted to try it again. Pictures 3 and 4 is where we went to next and had better success. Thanks again for the detailed report the night before, it was awesome. I love that canyon and river and will always go there to hunt for those fish. I will look forward to watching that video.

    thanks again,


    Cutthroat Stalker (Scott C) Reply:

    Video and post are ready, will be automatically posted tomorrow 3AM. Don’t forget, when you’re up here, give me a call!


    Jud Tolman Reply:

    It’s me Jud Tolman. Remember me and Penelope years ago??? Trying to find you on some social media but can’t seem to connect. Text me @ 208-399-6710

  2. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Hoss it looks like you need to tell Hancey Pants not to take a bath upstream before you fish it…just an idea.
    Hoss ru fishing after work this week? I’m thinking weds again or maybe thurs too. Let me know, I figured out something I want to show you last time we were out that worked pretty dang good.

    Dr G


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