Get ’em Tiger!

July 21, 2009

Rainbow Lake

Fly Fishing Rainbow Lake

So, 3 years ago we put Tiger Muskie in Rainbow Lake.  We did it to add a predatory fish in there to help keep the Bass population down.  They say that the Muskies grow about 12 inches per year.  They also say they are called the ‘Fish of 1000 Casts’.  And both hold true.

I have thrown about 658 casts at them with my 12 weight, so I have 342 casts to go to land one.  However, my nephew who lives on the lake casts at those everyday with his traditional tackle and a week ago he nailed one.  And it was about 38 inches.

Anyway, I wanted to give a quick update on their progress and show a pic of these beauties.


brady muskie


2 Responses to “Get ’em Tiger!”

  1. kglissmeyer Says:

    So, this is “the” Rainbow Lake outside of Rexburg? If so, is this a water someone could pay to play on?


  2. Ross Slayton Says:

    get that kid a fly rod! even out the odds a little. we don’t need another Jimmy Houston!


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