Golf vs. Fly Fishing

July 15, 2009


golf vs fishing

I grew up playing golf with my dad on Saturday mornings and Fly Fishing any other free time we had. I have always wanted to analyze each sport and break it down and figure out, if you had to choose between Golf and Fly Fishing, which would be less expensive to start as well as over time. One of the reasons I have wanted to do this is because over the past year or so I have been fishing much more just due to the fact that I have thought it is cheaper for me to hit the river for 4 hours than golf for 4 hours.

Let’s begin with what you need to get started with each sport:

I think to be fair I will just choose the most basic equipment needed to start. The hardest thing about this is going to be comparing apples to apples. For example you really don’t need golf shoes to start golfing but you really don’t need wadding boots either but I am going to add them to the list. I also for the sake of being fair I will not look at package deals with the equipment, I will just price it our individually. Oh yeah, and I am not pricing crazy good online deals or eBay, just local business.

Equipment Costs
1. Clubs (average set PW-3 iron, Driver, 3 wood and putter) $299.00
2. Bag $79.00
3. Shoes $54.99
4. Balls – dozen
5. Tees – 100 $4.99
6. Glove $10.99
7. Green fees (utah average) $55.00


1. Rod $150.00
2. Reel $55.00
3. Line (backing, tippet and leader included here) $50.00
4. Waders $120.00
5. Boots $55.00
6. Net $15.00
7. Flies – dozen $12.00
8. All the little things (strike indicators, hemostats, floatant, clippers and split shot) $25.00
9. Fishing license – Utah resident $26.00


So I guess on equipment we are about even but the biggest factors in my mind are the on going costs such as golf balls, flies, yearly fishing license and green fees.

If you don’t tie your own flies then you will be purchasing them on an ongoing basis.  I have seen friends drop well over $100 dollars on flies for a 3 day trip.  I have seen people also drop almost $50 dollars on a dozen of balls.  of course if you tie your own flies over time you will save money there and the fact is you can’t make your own golf balls so I will give the edge to the Fly Fishing with this one but not by much.

Green Fess vs Fishing License.  Ok, again I remind you that I am just comparing what is my experience with this based on my state, Utah.  I know all states are different in cost of the license and of course if you are traveling a ton fishing around the country you are going to be paying extra fees to float or fish certain waters and non resident license fees are usually much higher.   As I mentioned above a Utah resident license is $26 and the average green fees in Utah are $55.  With this pricing I looked at how much I fish each month and I go on average about 5 times.  So, if I were to golf five times a month in green fees I would be looking at $275 a month.  I think this is the killer.  There is no way, even if I looked for ways to spend money each time I fished I would spend $275 a month.

So, in conclusion if Golf and Fly Fishing were to step into the octagon for 5 – 5 min rounds Golf would hold its own for a few rounds then Fly Fishing would win by submission with an arm bar in the 4th round.

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  1. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    Have toy ever tried to tie a Titleist? It’s hard.


  2. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    “toy” was ment to be “you”…. which brings me to my next point: Don’t drink and comment.



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