Big Browns, Cutts, and Headbutts. Frenzy Recap 09. Part III.

June 8, 2009


Fly Fishing Frenzy 09 Day 5 and Day 6

Fly Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

Day 5 Sunday May 24 2009.  Breakfast in bed, kind of; Blame it on the Rain, Cuttasaurus Rex, Idaho Prevails, and Heavenly Omlette Fish Fry.

  • p5231357This is the day of the Frenzy each year where we sleep in a bit.  As we awoke, we found the Counselor feverishly cooking up sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches.  I will just put this plug in for the Counselor; He would make one heck of a wife.  I’m just sayin!  Not only did he make breakfast, but he opted to stay at the cabin for the day to honor the good day and while he was there he washed some of my dirty clothes and had them neatly folded on the bed when I returned.  Honestly, where do you get service like that?  You’re the man Counselor, and breakfast was tasty.  Of course, we all topped breakfast off with some tasty zingers.  I think next year we will forgo the sausage, egg, and cheese altogether and have zinger McMuffins.
  • So we saddled up and took off to the South Fork of the Snake River.  We put in at the Barrus put in, complements of Fancy Hancey.  We had 2 drift boats and 6 fisherman and decided to go Utah vs. Idaho, most fish and biggest fish.  Hancey, Hoss, and Dr. G in one boat.  Yetter, Unis, and I in the other.  We launched at decided to meet at the first island from the put-in.  As Idaho arrived first, Yetter started us off on the right foot with a little brown.  Utah arrived and having put a whitefish as a -2pts, Hancey put them in a hole with the 8 whitefish he landed off the island.  :)  We headbutted some energy drinks, pringles, and snickers then continued on.  We started down the back channel both boats had some great success with some nice Cutts.

  • As we continued down the back channels, Utah stayed to fish for a bit.  Just as we left the RAINS started coming down.  It was on and off down pour the whole float.  I will give the Utah boys props on their preparedness levels having all worn rain jackets.  Of course, I brought mine too, but left it in the truck.  What?  I wanted to tough it out.  So, Unis and I had nothing on put our gear and a long sleeve button up fishing shirt.  Let’s just say we cuddled a bit to keep warm.  We then stopped the boat just before the back channel connects with the main river and started fishing up and down stream.  Unis had on an articulated streamer and was slapping them silly in the still water.  Yetter, the Utah boys, and I had stonefly nymphs and san juan worms set up.  We also did well.  I decided to venture upstream to another channel while Yetter and Unis continue catching fatties.  The Utah boys were still up stream from us a ways.
  • As I was fishing upstream I was having some great luck catching some nice Cutts.  I wandered downstream through some heavy brush trying to get to the place where the back channel dumped into the still water where Unis was fishing.  I was knifing through some heavy foliage when all the sudden Leave it to Big Beaver jumped into the water right in front of me.  It was one of the largest Beavers I had ever seen and I immediately about faced and headed upstream again.  Last thing I wanted was a Beaver tail upside the head.  I went up from the island for a bit and saw some good sized Cutts spawning in the reds.  I had one take my san juan, but it flashed and came off.  I decided to go get Yetter and Unis to join in the fun.
  • Unis decided to try his streamer on these spawners and as he was doing so, I decided to put on a little egg pattern.  I then casted upstream and all the sudden Kaboom!  The fight was on.  I knew I had a good one, but wasn’t sure how big.  He rolled a few times on the surface and I knew he could easily be my biggest Cutt ever.  I started to work him downstream to some slack water.  Now, no one has ever accused us of being the sharpest tools, and we lived up to that as we had all left the net down at the boat.  I slid this big fella onto the bank and ran down and cradled him in my hands.  Low and behold, Cuttasaurus Rex.  This beast was HUGE!  I think he pooed 16 inch Cutts.  His mouth was enormous.  Final measurements:  23.5 inches long, 13.5 inches around.  And a head that was as big as Texas.  I will have a replica on my wall come August.  We snapped some good photos and headed back to the boat.
  • We waited for Hoss, Hancey, and Dr. G to arrive then accounted the story and shared photos.  The rains by this time had stopped and Dr. G was good enough to give me his rain jacket and we all took off again.  Soon after we left, the downpour started again and it was RAINING.  Unis and I swapped the rain jacket back and forth and continued on to the take out.  We caught fish along the way and landed at the Swan Valley bridge about 6:30pm.  It was a great day on the river.  The Utah boys arrived about 1 hour later and Hoss had lost some pigs.  One that latched on to his fly and just ripped into his backing before it snapped the ling.  One thing I know about the South Fork is that it is home to some Ginormous (not sure if that is a word) fish.
  • We then headed back to the cabin where we found the Counselor and Rudy making the most unbelievable Omlettes I’ve ever had.  I head-butted 2 of those and nailed some zingers (of course).  Dr. G then fried up some of the Hybrids we kept and Rudy “Emeril” Garn whipped up some strawberry salsa and Jamacain Jerk sauce for the fish.  It was  That boy can cook.  We filled our bellies gave the good night salute and retired to bed.

Day 6 Monday May 25, 2009.  Rudy’s First South Fork Float,  The End Nears, and the Best Frenzy Ever is Complete. And why not, Tots on Your Head!

  • p5250278-colorThe last day of the Frenzy each year brings mixed feelings.  We are sad because it is the last day of the Frenzy, but also encouraged at our accomplishments and excited for the places we might go next year.  So, we woke early, cleaned the cabin, loaded up the trucks and headed out to float the South Fork of the Snake River.
  • We decided to mix up the boats a little this day and had the following frenziers in the different boats.  Hancey, Rudy, and Dr. G in the slice of lime.  Yetter and Hoss in Yetter’s pontoon.  And the counselor and I in Hancey’s Smoker Drifter.  This was Rudy’s first time floating the South Fork and he didn’t disappoint by landing a nice big Bow right off the bat.  Hoss, Yetter, Counselor, and I stayed close together to fish the same back channels.  For whatever reason, today was slower than the previous day, but we were all still able to land a few nice Cutts and Bows.
  • We eventually met up with the Slice of Lime and all headed into the take out around 4pm.  As we took the boats out, we recounted the great times, big fish, and adventures that this Frenzy delivered up.  We had caught more big fish on this Frenzy than any before.  From the Big Brown that Dr. G roped to Cuttasaurus Rex that I wrassled in we believe we caught more fish over 20 inches than ever before.  All in all, it was the best Frenzy ever.

The best thing about the Frenzy for all of us is that it is a time each year that we can all get together.  We can leave the wife and kids at home (although we miss them).  We can leave work for the time being.  We get to meet up with friends we don’t see that often.  We are able to do what we love for 6 days straight, un-interupted.  We have been doing it for 7 years and plan to do it for many more.  It is a time to get crazy, have fun, and of course Fish.  IT IS THE FRENZY.

We would love to hear about your Frenzy.

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5 Responses to “Big Browns, Cutts, and Headbutts. Frenzy Recap 09. Part III.”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    That was a trip of a life time. Fo Show! I am proud to be part of the Frenzy and can’t wait for next year. By the end of the last day we were all zombies jacked up on Monsters!!! Great write up Chubbs…see ya weds on the lake


  2. Kevin Says:

    Dang, but you guys got into some monster cutts. I may have to spend some more time in early June on the SF.


  3. Counselor Says:

    A good wife?!?! I am honesty not sure how to take that. I am a bit proud of the job I did on those skids marks though. You, Hoss and Doc G have done a great job on the blogs. I sure appreciate having been included on the frenzy trips over the years. This year was above and beyond the other years. How are we going to out do it?


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I agree that this year was the best so far.


    Counselor Reply:

    Hoss, I am still lovin’ the Frenzy hat. You did a good job on those. I could go for one of those egg and sausage sandwiches right now. The pic looks dang good. Also, I am liking the action head cam. A live had cam on the frenzy would be off the hook.


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