Big Browns, Cutts, and Headbutts. Frenzy Recap 09. Part II.

Fly Fishing Frenzy 09 Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3 Friday May 22, 2009.  Madison Delivers Up Her Treasures, Deetelit Skeetelit, Beartoothing Cheese Fries, and Midge Hatch Protein.

  • p5220152-bwAt 4:30am we loaded up the trucks and headed north to Big Sky Country.  The drive was filled with Elk, Antelope, Moose, and Big Horn.  We arrived at a Frenzy Favorite on the Madison River between the Hebgen Dam and where Cabin Creek dumps in.  It was unbelievable.  We left hundreds of 16 – 20 inch Rainbows with sore mouths.  Yetter and Gene used my pontoon boat to cross to the coveted ‘other side’ while the Counselor and I risked life and limb to cross, but we did make it there alive.  Dr. G, Hoss, and Hancey wrangled tons of fish on the island.  Gene and the Counselor lined the banks in productive Bow territory while Yetter and I manned to large rocks casting to hungry Trout.  It got to the point where we were catching an 16 – 20 inch Bow every other Cast and we just felt the urge to yell Deetelit Skeetelit.  Probably because Von Deet had just arrived on the other side of the river and filmed the action.
  • We all left the Madison with Trout elbow and headed into West Yellowstone to pound some Beartooth BBQ.  We have made the Beartooth a ritual on the Frenzy.  We start with Cheese Fries and Jalapeno Poppers and then end the meal with some hearty meat drowned in BBQ sauce.  Gene did receive a penalty for ordering a side salad, but after seeing the gallons of Ranch Dressing he applied we reduced the penalty to a minor infraction.  We also got into a rowdy debate with Von Deet about his team player approach and I believe we may have cost the Beartooth a few customers cuz we was loud.  We then visited Bud Lilly’s fly shop and soaked in some good knowledge and restocked on a few flies.

  • After Bud Lilly’s we packed up and head to the south side of Hebgen Lake.  We had heard that there were some piggies still roaming the banks since the ice had just come off and even better, we heard that there was a midge hatch going on at nights.  So, we arrived at the lake and loaded the boats and started fishing with leeches and woolly buggers.  I was on the boat with Gene and Yetter.  Dr. G and the Counselor were in another boat while Hoss, Hancey, and Jack were in the other.  Dr G landed one pretty quickly and then Yetter got into them, catching two within an hour and they were nice 20 inch bows.  I had a big fish do a drive by and break my line off, but then redeemed myself with a nice 19 inch Bow.  It was slower, but we were still getting in them.  Around 7pm the midge hatch started and I’ve never seen so many bugs on the water.  It was ridiculous.  I am still flossing bugs out of my teeth.  Hoss and Hancey landed some nice pigs on dries and then we loaded up and headed back to Island Park.  We fished nearly 16 hours that day and loved every minute of it.

Day 4 Friday May 23, 2009.  Fly Fisherman Appreciation Day by the Fish, Enter Unis, and Off to Victor Where Night Fishing Lands me an Irish Pig.

  • p5221282A few nights before we had decided to hit Henry’s Lake on the Opening Day.  The ice had just come off the fishing was supposed to be rowdy.  It was a hard decision, because on Opening Day, Henry’s Lake is out of control.  We awoke at 4:30am and headed out to the lake.  We put our boats in just north of the County Boat Dock.  Rudy (first time frenzy attendee), Gene and Yetter headed out first.  I got in my pontoon boat and was out next.  Hoss and Hancey launched their boat, then Dr. G and Mike were next.  As I was trolling out to my spot I nailed a 20 inch Cutt.  I was pretty stoked thinking it was going to be a great day.  I had one more strike, but after the sun came out, it slowed way down.  I pulled up along side Yetter and Gene and they had gotten word that Dr. G and Mike were at the County Boat dock slaying them.  So we loaded the boats and headed that way.  ENTER – COMBAT FISHING! It was shoulder to shoulder on the dock and everyone was slaying big Cutts.  The docks are where they put the fish into the lake and they Cutts go there thinking they are spawning.  As we were slaying them, Unis(Jake Butikofer) arrived with one Billy Von Deet Skeet.  Billy not being the fisherman soon became the net nanny for the entire dock.  It was pretty sweet watching some old dudes get pissed that the net nanny wasn’t getting over to their fish fast enough.  And rest assured that we egged them on.  Cheers Billy.  The Counselor aptly named this morning “Fly Fisherman Appreciation Day by the Fish”.
  • Yetter and I got a little bored so Yetter got a hold of Rudy’s camera and started snapping photos of everyone and their dogs, literally.  After our photography session, Yetter, Counselor, and I headed back to the Madison where Hoss and Hancey had shot off to after refusing to participate in the combat fishing.  We once again slayed the Bows on the Madison and decided we would head back to the Island Park Cabin where we would eat some dogs and burgers then pack everything up and head Victor Idaho where we would spend the next 2 days.  We all met at the cabin, grubbed, and cleaned the place up.  As we left, Hoss, Hancey, and Dr. G decided to go get a taste of Combat Fishing since Hoss and Hancey didn’t get to.  The rest of us headed to Victor.
  • We arrived in Teton Springs about 7pm, unpacked, and finished watching the NBA playoff game.  After doing so, we went out to the private ponds that dot the Teton Springs Resort.  We fished the pond closest to the real estate office just as you enter the development.  It was pitch dark, but we had our headlamps on.  After a few casts, I had a solid bite as did the counselor.  I was hyperfocused on catching that pig and nothing would stand in my way.  Rudy then walked over to chat and I continued to double haul out to the middle of the lake.  As I was shooting my backcast out for the final lay, I felt a pull on my line.  I turned around to find a pretty green flashy woolly bugger embedded in a chunk of flesh next to Rudy’s eyebrow.  I had caught myself a chubby Irishman.  No worries I thought.  I quickly grabbed the pliers and attached pliers to hook.  Having had some history with Rudy on other incidents that didn’t turn out so well, he opted to have the Doc remove it.  Can’t say I blame him, because when I moved that hook, the whole side of his face moved.  Unis took Rudy to the Doc and got it removed with the old string trick.  Hoss, Hancey, and Dr. G then arrived and we soon retired to bed ready to hit the South Fork of the Snake River the next day.

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5 Responses to “Big Browns, Cutts, and Headbutts. Frenzy Recap 09. Part II.”

  1. Cutthroat Stalker (scott) Says:

    I’m lovin it! Keep it comin Chubbs!


  2. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    I can’t believe you stuck him in the FACE!


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    I have always wanted to catch an Irish pig. Now I can check that one off my list.


  3. Ryan Jensen Says:

    Any been fishing at Henry’s Lake lately. I’m headed up this weekend and was wondering if anyone had some tips for a float tuber. I usually head up over labor day and have never fished the lake this early in the season. Any tips would be helpful


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Ryan, you need to call and talk to Royce or Marc @ 1-208-652-7349…. these guys know what is going on up there ever day. Tell them that Aaron and Brent from the frenzy sent you.


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