Big Browns, Cutts, and Headbutts! Frenzy 09 Recap. Part I.

Fly Fishing Frenzy 2009 Day 1 and Day 2

p5211095-crop-bwFrenzy 09 was, redonkulous, rowdy, epic, skeetin, headbuttable, or any other frenzy adjective you would like to use for it.  In short, it was again the best FRENZY EVER! It seems like we say that every year.  Maybe it is because we are becoming better anglers or we are more familiar with the places we go.  Regardless, we did this Frenzy up right.

Here is our Frenzy Recap!

Where we fished: Rainbow Lake, Rexburg, Idaho; Henry’s Fork of the Snake River Below St. Anthony, Idaho; Henry’s Fork of the Snake River Float from Vernon Bridge to Chester Dam; Henry’s Fork of the Snake River above and below the Ashton Bride on Hwy 20; Hebgen Lake, Montana; Daniel’s Reservoir Malad, Idaho; Henry’s Lake, Idaho; Madison River, Montana from Hebgen Dam to Cabin Creek; Private Ponds in Teton Springs Victor, Idaho; South Fork of the Snake River from Barrus put-in to the Swan Valley Bridge.

Needless to say, we covered a ton of ground and hit some of the best fly fishing waters in the world.

What species we caught: Rainbow Trout, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Brown Trout, Hybrid Cuttbow, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and Huge Sucker(Dr. G gets credit for that).

Day 1:  Wednesday May 20, 2009.  The Big Brown Comes to Town and Craigos gets Headbutted Hard!

  • p5201032-colorThis was a glorious day for a couple of reasons.  First off, it was my 34th birthday.  Secondly, it was the start of the Frenzy 09.  The first day of the Frenzy is always the best because we know that we have 6 days of straight fishing ahead of us.
  • Gene Simmons and I started about 6 am fishing Rainbow Lake and met the ever so famous Rexburg Idaho wind with full force.  It was in full effect.  We did catch our fair share of Bass.  The rest of the Utah boys, Hoss, Fancy Hancey, Dr. G and the Counselor stopped at Daniel’s Reservoir west of Malad Idaho for a few hours and Dr. G nailed a 20 inch Bow on the surface.
  • Gene and I decided to go check out Bubbleland (Henry’s Fork of the Snake River).  Gene headed to do some work and I started fishing.  Soon the Utah boys arrived and the fish was on.  Hoss and I ventured down stream and landed some nice browns, but about 2 hours into it we heard some hooting and hollering and ran to see the commotion.  Dr. G had landed a 24 inch, roughly 7 lb Brown Trout.  Talk about starting the Frenzy with a bang.  He nailed it on a Pink San Juan Worm.  After some pics, he gently sent the big brown back to his home.
  • Soon after that, we decided it was time for the Frenzy Dinner Kickoff and time to headbutt some all you can eat pizza at Craigos in Rexburg, Idaho. And Headbutt we did.  From BBQ chicken pizza, mashed potato pizza, to Oreo cookie pizza, we ate and ate and ate.  Having satisfied out bellies sufficiently, we headed back out to Rainbow Lake as the wind died down to try and catch some big Tiger Muskie at dusk.  Although no Muskies were wrangled, we did slay the Bass and Yetter and the Counselor landed some big bows.
  • We then retired to Gene Simmon’s house to watch the NBA Playoffs and sleep.

Day 2: Thursday May 21, 2009.  Enter Von Deet Skeet, Breakfast with Geedus, and Wolverine and HossHawk Emerge.

  • img_0653We awoke in Rexburg at the crack of dawn and headed to Rainbow Lake.  We once again slayed the bass and Gene was getting rowdy with the Bass on poppers.  As we were finishing on the ‘Bow’, we encountered one Billy Von Deet Skeet or Big Bill.  Big Bill’s absence from the Frenzy had been missed and he happened to be up from AZ.  Big Bill isn’t a big fly fisherman, yet, but he was very helpful in keeping us organized.
  • After we loaded up the boats and the peeps, we headed to Chester, Idaho where big waffles, eggs/sausage, and manly hash browns awaited for our Frenzy Breakfast hosted by Geedus and Joan (Jerry and Randy’s parents).  They are good people and sure know how to cook up a killer breakfast.  After watching Big Hoss eat a cube of butter per waffle, he and I decided it was time to take it to a Ho-Nutha-Leva.  I transformed Hoss into Hoss Hawk with a sweet mohawk that didn’t come without a little blood.  Then I shaved my beard into Wolverine, and the razors seemed to have had a revengeful mind of its own as I zipped my lip drawing blood.  “No one makes me bleed my own blood”.
  • With satisfied bellies we floated from Vernon Bridge to Chester Dam on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and all caught some decent Trout, but Fancy Pants Hancey and the Counselor’s boat had the hot rods landing really nice bows toward the end of the float.
  • We then headed to Dave’s Jubilee to for Groceries and the Frost Top in Ashton to Headbutt some burgers, fries, and shakes.  After a quick fuel up we raced over the Premier Fly Fishing Shop and chatted with Royce Klinger and Marc “Rowdy” Crapo.  They gave us the updates and we then fished above and below the Ashton Bridge with much success minus me snapping my fly rod from being a little too aggressive with a snag.  My trusty back up rod though proved to be a worthy companion as you will see later on.
  • After fishing well into the dark we drove up to the Cabin in Island Park and geared down to go to bed.  Being a team player Big Billy Von Deet Skeet offered to sleep on the deck with just his comforter.  We all told him he would freeze his arse, but he didn’t listen until about 1 am when the cold air of Island Park slapped him upside the head.  It was a cherry site to see such a large man on the living room for at 4:15am wrapped in a comforter.

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  1. Counselor Says:

    Nice post Chubbs. That was absolutely the best Frenzy ever. Can’t wait to read the following posts.



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