Day Six…. exhausted, beaten and bruised

May 26, 2009



I am a day behind with these posts due to fact that I have been freaking tired, but better late than never.   Our last day we floated the South Fork again.  We wanted to get on the river a bit earlier so we could head home at a decent time.  The day was slow but still good.   Even though the White Fish loved everything we put in the water we all caught some great Cutthroats and Rainbows.  It was sad to see this years Fly Fishing Frenzy come to an end but the good thing is that we are already planning and looking forward to next year.

If there is one thing I hope people got out of these posts and pics is that you should get a group of friends together and plan your own Frenzy.  There is no reason us fisherman that have day jobs, wife, kids and what ever else can’t set a side one week out of the year to get out to the rivers and lakes to fish so hard we come back exhausted, beaten and bruised.

We are going to do a complete write up soon to show our true colors.

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4 Responses to “Day Six…. exhausted, beaten and bruised”

  1. Big Hoss Says:

    both my knees and my back are so jacked up I can hardly walk.


  2. troutdawg Says:

    Nice report and after fish like that, I would be tired any day of the week to get on a few like that!


  3. Amy Wagner | Fishing Says:

    I don’t blame you guys for feeling exhausted , beaten and bruised you have been out fishing non spot by the looks of it, but I am sure its all worth while. :)


    Chubbs Reply:

    Amy, thanks for your comments. It was a fantastic trip. We’re just sad it is over. :) Are you out of South Africa?


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