Day One….7 Pound Brown

May 20, 2009


p5201032-colorWe left Utah at 4am, stoped at Daniels Reservoir for about an hour.  We caught one nice Rainbow there and then took off so we could have time on Henry’s Fork.  We ended up getting to our spot on HF at 10:30ish and spent most of the day fishing deep runs with a combination of Rubber Leggs, Pink San Jaun Worms, Hare Ears and really anything that the fish could spot in the off color water.  It was windy all day so when we had enough of fighting the gusts we had our Frenzy kick off diner and finished the day at Rainbow Lake hunting for Rainbows and Tiger Musky.  We caught a bunch of fish and also set a Frenzy record with a 24inch Brown.

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5 Responses to “Day One….7 Pound Brown”

  1. Cutthroat Stalker (Scott) Says:

    Way to kick it off with the nice brownie!


  2. Jarrod Says:

    Dr. G you are a Trout Tamer! How do you lure those Monsters in.
    What a SLAB!
    Good Luck Gents & Tight Lines. Ill waive as I head to Grizz Nation Tommorow.



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