How It All Began

May 19, 2009


pict1055-colorThis week we are having our 7th annual Fly Fishing Frenzy event.   So all of you know what it is and how it all started here is a little history.

Most of us frenziers grew up fishing the fabled waters of Southeast Idaho.  We all then went to college, got married, and got jobs.  As crazy as life would get, we always found time to do a little fishing.  We finally decided that we needed to make our fly fishing getaway an annual trip where the fellas could be the fellas and leave the daily grind behind.  Thus began the Frenzy!

The Frenzy fishing event was started back in 2001 by none other than Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson. It all started when he wanted to plan a trip or “Mancation” as we like to call it, up to Island Park, Idaho to fish for a few days with the boys. The first inductees into the official 1st FFF (Fly Fishing Frenzy) were Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson, Justin “Yetter” Pond, and Jerry “Gene Simmons from KISS” Garn. Those three hit the salmon fly hatch in Island Park perfectly and vowed to make it a yearly occurrence.

dsc03164-colorThe Frenzy has grown into something amazing that our group looks forward to every year. This week long event happens once a year and is set in stone on everyone’s calendar for years to come and nothing trumps this event; not even marriage or your first kid being born. (we do let these excuses slide sometimes)

There are about 8-10 of us that go every year and we try to limit the numbers so it doesn’t turn in to more planning and organization then just having fun fishing. This year on the other hand is a bit different. We have a film crew coming to capture footage of us fishing and hanging out.  After we attended this year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour in Salt Lake City we had an epiphany.  Although the films were insane and unreal to watch we discussed how 95% of fly fisherman will never be able to go to the remote places of the world to catch huge and rare fish, but on the other hand planning a week trip once a year with friends is quite doable and frankly needs to be done. Our Frenzy trip each year is more than just getting away from work, family, and the day to day grind; it is an experience that we embed into our souls. Fishing for us is spiritual and a very personal experience.  By documenting our trip this year, we want to share with the fly fishing community the awesome experiences, the beautiful big fish, the violent strikes  and  show it all on film without flying to international waters hunting for a once in a life time fish. Now don’t get me wrong I want to fly fish around the world,  but for a guy with a day job, wife and kids it is just something I don’t see happening for a number of years. Bottom line is that we hope to make a short video encompassing what most anglers realistically experience.

img_1474-colorNow our site/blog on the other hand was started by Brent “Big Hoss” Ramey a couple of years ago to help spread and share our stories and give everyone a chance to up load pictures and videos about their fishing outings. This year our blog has turned into something we have spent more time on trying to make a bit of money to pay for our addiction.  Keep on eye on our blog this week for a bombardment of updates and pictures as we hit tons of water in Idaho and Montana.

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5 Responses to “How It All Began”

  1. Cutthroat Stalker (scott) Says:

    Sounds fun boys–have at it with gusto! Can’t wait for the silver screen version :-)


  2. Jason Says:

    Good luck fellas! Last weekend was the best trip in 25 years for us and Chubbs has the full report. Lay off the zingers and keep chubbs under control.


  3. Amy Wagner Says:

    hmmm boys this could only mean one thing, hope you guys have a blast, and I will be coming to see how things are going and the great catches you will be making.


  4. Jerry Garn Says:

    Great Post HOSS! GOOD MEMORIES..lots of Laughs, Big Fish, and Zingers dipped in MONSTERS!!



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