Another great day on the Missouri River

May 14, 2009

Missouri River Montana


by Jeff Thomas

Today I was getting off early and decided to go out and hit the Missouri River with a friend Casey Hutchinson. We saw that we were probably going to get dumped on by the rain storm that we could see coming our direction but a little rain wasn’t gonna stop us from a few hours of fishing. As soon as we hit the trail we were in the middle of a Torrential Downpour. We Hung out under a tree for a few minutes until it let up. When the rain had slowed down a bit we headed down the bank to our spot. I must have had two casts and already had one on, then another, and another. Casey was having the same luck. I think that the rain was making them more active. The whole time it was pouring we had hits left and right. When the rain let up, the fish stopped being so aggressive. At one point in the storm we had a Triple. Me, Casey, and another friend of ours all had fish on at the same time. Another Great day on the Missouri River.

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3 Responses to “Another great day on the Missouri River”

  1. Dr G Says:

    Looked like a great outing and sweet pic of the fish fight. Those are some sweet bows in their spawing colors… I bet it has been great up there all spring.

    I know you probably know this, but wearing a belt with your waders can keep you out of trouble if you so happen to slip and fill up ur waders. I just mention it cause mine has saved me a couple times big time.

    Great post keep em coming boys

    Dr Gillespie


  2. Dr G Says:

    Great post guys! U prob already know this but, don’t forget to wear your wader belt. It has save me a couple times. Nice spawning colored bows!

    Dr G


  3. Dr G Says:

    Didn’t think the first post worked…I guess now u get 3….now


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