Bubbleland! Fly Fishing Idaho.

I was in Idaho for a few days last week on “BIZNASS” and couldn’t leave with hitting one of my favorite fly fishing spots of all time, “Bubbleland”. I know it sounds like a children’s amusement park, but this place rocks.  It is so special, that I can’t reveal its exact location, but I can say it is on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. We call it Bubbleland because all the lava deposits in the water have holes in them that causes bubbles to surface when water is flowing over them.  That also makes for a difficult wade fishing, especially when the water is flowing high.

Anyway, I snuck away for about 2 hours and had some of the best fishing ever at Bubbleland.  I first started fishing with a streamer that goes by the name of “bling” and was able to land a nice looking Brown pretty quick.  I then noticed the water bubbling with rising trout.  I decided to switch my set up to a caddis fly and the fun began.  It was literally the best dry fly action I have ever had on the Henry’s Fork.  I caught it at the right time, but unfortunately couldn’t stay that long.

Regardless, I tried to document the event as good as I could with pictures and video.  It was quite challenging as the water was flowing at high levels and wading was a chore.  I probably shouldn’t have waded all the way across the river, but couldn’t help myself.  Just don’t tell my wife.  :)

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3 Responses to “Bubbleland! Fly Fishing Idaho.”

  1. Amy Wagner Says:

    Wow, that water looks so cold, but the fishing was successful. Well done on that.


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    The water was a little cold, but the fishing was so good it was hard to notice. :)
    thanks for the comments Amy.


  2. Ross aka the flytyinfeak Says:

    Anouncer: “Ross Slayton you just moved to idaho Falls, what are you going to do now?”

    Me: “I’m goin to Bubbleland!”

    I wish!!!! so tell me what’s the bribery rate for a trip to bubbleland?


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