A Taste of What’s to Come

April 29, 2009

Rainbow Lake

Fly Fishing Rainbow Lake, Idaho

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Whenever I am up in Idaho, I try to sneak away for a few hours and fish Rainbow Lake in Rexburg Idaho.  It is a private pond that we own that is stocked with trophy Bass, trophy Rainbow Trout, and near 40 + inch Tiger Muskies.  Rainbow Lake also always has abundant wildlife surrounding its borders.  There is a Bald Eagle that has been hanging anxiously around the lake and it has tried its hand at 18 inch rainbows.   Sometimes the Eagle wins, but sometimes the trout will get away, but not without a scar to show its buddies as evidenced by the back of the wounded trout.

I was up a few weeks ago and took a few pics/video.

As the summer gets closer, keep you eye on the Frenzy site for information regarding Rainbow Lake and the Frenzy Nation.

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  1. Jarrod Says:

    Looks like a a tick to put on my list for things to come in my world too.
    Thanks for the good word.


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