Gettin you ready for the NFL Draft. Will Ferrell Style.

April 24, 2009

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Here at the Frenzy, we also love football season and this weekend will showcase the NFL Draft.  Exciting times for many college players.  It sometimes makes you wonder how these athletes prepare for the next level.  Well, WE FOUND OUT!

Check out Chuck Berry preparing USC players for the draft.  He takes no crap!

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3 Responses to “Gettin you ready for the NFL Draft. Will Ferrell Style.”

  1. Big Hoss Says:

    sacked and delicious.


  2. Chubbs Says:

    That workout was bull sh@*. If you are going to work out like that, you might as well not work out at all.


  3. DS Trout Flies for Fly Fishing Says:

    Man, that was good stuff – almost as good as John C Reilly doing Dr. Steve Brule.


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