Everyone and there dog were out on the river!!

This is a report on the Missouri River from a good friend of mine Jeff Thomas.  He has quest posted before writing about Rock Creek just outside of Missoula.  We love hearing about the fishing up in Montana so Jeff is always welcome on the Frenzy Blog.


2841_1040503342018_1508594431_30089808_5772915_nNow that all of the snow is starting to melt here in Helena, MT and the Rainbow Trout are all starting to spawn I had to take advantage of the forecasted weather of a gorgeous 60 degree day, and plan a fishing trip on the Missouri River below the Hauser Lake Dam.

My buddy Josh Bush from Butte decided to make the 45 minute drive up to get his line wet. Lately I have been using Pheasant tail’s with a San Juan dropper with a little luck but nothing to talk about. Today we switched things up and decided to go with an egg pattern with a special rig job that hooks them every time. If you want to know how its rigged then you’re gonna have to make the trek to Helena and see it firsthand.

So first things first we started setting up our rods when we came to find out that I had 4 inches of 8.5 lbs test line left in my spool. All Josh had with him was 3 lbs test line. Luckily we both already had 8-9 feet of 8 lbs line on already but we were going to have to use the 3 lbs line for our droppers.

So we hiked across the dam and headed down the trail high up along the river’s edge. I took Josh to the spot and said “see those light colored area’s out there?” “Those are all Spawn Beds” We couldn’t believe our eyes, there were “Hogs” everywhere. I saw a partially submerged rock that looked like would be a good spot. I waded out to and started fishing and on the  second Cast -WHAAM! I had a monster on.  By the time I said “Fish On” my fish was off so I reeled my line in and noticed that it was the 3 lbs line that had snapped clean off.  This happened about 3 more times in a ten minute time frame so I decided to fish with a one rig set-up instead of a 2 rig set-up.

So I got back out on my rock and was determined to land me one of these monster fish.  A few casts later I hooked into a “Pig” that I must have fought for a good five minutes trying to get him in close enough for Josh to net for me.  After we took some snapshots of the fish I decided to let Josh take my spot, after all it was his birthday. I’d had 4 fish on in 10 minutes so I figured the least I could so is give him a turn.  Josh perched himself up on the Rock, and not 2 minutes later he had a nice fish on.

One down side to the fishing is that I had never seen so many fisherman lined up along the bank fishing in such close proximity. Everyone and there dog were out on the river, and it was a weekday.

We stayed in the same area taking turns on the Rock. We landed 16 Big Fish and must have had 25 fish on that got off or just snapped our line. One of the nice things about the Missouri River is that most of the fish you catch have a lot of size to them. I will never show up fishing without a backup spool of tip-it again.  All in all, we had a great time and the weather couldn’t have been any better.

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5 Responses to “Everyone and there dog were out on the river!!”

  1. Chubbs Says:

    Them are some nice looking trout. Good work MT boyz


  2. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    I second that! Some nice looking photos as well. The BW of the mountain would look great printed on metallic paper.


  3. DS Fly fishing Says:

    Really great shots. I enjoyed the post. Man I wouldn’t mind be in Helena right now.


  4. Amy Wagner Says:

    Wow even with everyone and their dog being out on the river you got some great catches. Great photos oft he mountains. It does look as though you had a great time.


  5. Rev Al Says:

    Nice pictures…you weren’t pulling spawning trout off the redds, though, we ya? Yikes.


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