Give em the Forks! Fly Fishing Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake.

March 28, 2009

Fly Fishing Idaho

Fly Fishing Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake River

I was up in Idaho last weekend and hooked up with fellow rowdy Royce Klinger and Frenzier Justin “Yetter” Pond.  We decided to do a litlle fishing on Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake River.  We got Royce’s X Series Skiff and put in at Twin Bridges and floated to Lorenzo bridge. (Here is a little footage of this amazing skiff in action)

The fishing was great. We threw big nasty streamers, some dries, and nymphed with some rubber legs. I stuck with the nasty streamers pounding the banks/structures and had some decent luck. We also had some luck with a little midge action using a tiny zebra midge dropper.  The best part was Yetter slaying the whitefish with a Pat’s rubber leg.  Yetter assured us that the average angler wouldn’t be able to pull off such a feat, but with the perfect presentation that only Yetter could present even whitefish couldn’t pass it up.  :)

I have to give big thanks out to Royce.  That brother knows how to fish, knows how fish think, and is one of the most innovative thinkers in the industry.  His skiff mold and cutting edge oars are the best on the market.  Anyway, thanks Royce.

Overall, we had a great time.  Here are a few pics.


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  1. jayson slater Says:

    the root river is one of the best out of lake mishigan located in racine wi. thay have a hachery so the fish no ware to spawn. in the spring the stealhead run and in the fall the kings and big browns and a fue coohoo all go in the streem. it is in fact my fav…..



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