Schwagaholics and the Film Tour

March 25, 2009

fly fishing film tour

Schwaggin at the Fly Fishing Film Tour


Last night we gathered up a few frenziers (Dr. G, Big Hoss, and I) and headed to the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City to catch the Fly Fishing Film Tour. It was my first time attending the tour and it was fantastic. They started on time, they had great films, and they raffled off some tasty Schwag. About the Schwag; I had two dudes sitting right next to me that one some gifts and I was feeling the love, but it just wasn’t in the cards. The grand prize was a Sage rod that was won by a very excited gal. Enough of the Schwag.

My boy Marc ‘Rowdy” Crapo was there adding his unique flavor to the tour and representing.  I also met one of the founders of Moldy Chum Brian Bennett (Shout out to Chum Nation) and Thad Robinson with the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Time to get to the films.

There was an array of great films:


Nervous Waters

Eastern Rises

Rivers of a Lost Coast

Hustle and Fish


Bass  The Movie

Red Gold

And a film from about the Redfish in Louisiana

All the films were unbelievable, but my favorite were Nervous Waters and Kamchatka.

Props out to all involved.  We were able to snap a photo of some rowdies.


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One Response to “Schwagaholics and the Film Tour”

  1. Capt.Jeff Legutki Says:

    Yae Nervous water was complete quality, props to them, but I have to give the award to WorldAngling. Maybe because the saltwater runs through my veins!

    Great sire gentlemen


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