Dr Gillespie’s 2008 Big Fish List

March 22, 2009

Pictures, Tips

Here is another great post from Travis “Dr” Gillespie from Xtstream Outdoors.  This list is awesome and I am glad to have made it.


There are many reasons why I choose the fish I do for my big fish list. Some are huge, others have a huge story and others are so beautiful they seem bigger than life itself. So here is a look back to at some of the biggest, most beautiful fish I was privileged to witness. Congrats to those that made the list and to those that didn’t, hold the fish out farther and you might just make it in 2009.

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2 Responses to “Dr Gillespie’s 2008 Big Fish List”

  1. DSFlyman Says:

    awesome shots-you’ve made me very happy


  2. Big Hoss Says:

    thanks for putting me on the list. i will for sure hold out the fish closer to the camera this year.


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