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March 12, 2009



I have noticed a trend.  I follow a ton of fly fishing blogs and I have noticed that most and maybe 75% or higher blog with Blogger.  I am going to plug a great service for all bloggers that blog with Blogger (Blogspot), which is Bloggled.  Bloggled is a free service that will backup your blog that you have with Blogger.  Just imagine if you deleted your Fly Fishing journal that you keep on your blog.  I know that most would be devestaded.  My dad keept a journal for years leading up to his passing due to cancer. He documented every outing on every river.  I go back and read  his entries from time to time and love reading about the weater conditions, water levels and fish caught on a day 4 years ago.  Obviously times have changed and most of us use our computers or a blog to document our fishing adventures and I am sure all of us can tell a story about how our computer crashed or we lost a document that we never got back.  Check out the site, you have nothitng to lose but your blog.

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2 Responses to “Your online Fly Fishing journal”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Great service!!! I backup my blog after every post. I spend a lot of time on my posts and I love the peace of mind it gives me to know that if anything happened I would be about to have those stories to show my future kids. Awesome service!!! Thanks, Dr Gillespie


  2. DSFlyman Says:

    good to know… if I ever start to use blogger!



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