Fly Fishing Idaho’s Lesser Known Rivers. Bitch Creek.


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Not only are the rivers in Idaho spectacular fly fishing, but there are also an abundant amount of creeks that deliver up beautiful native trout. Bitch creek is one of those lesser known creeks that is spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in Bitch Creek

Who knows how the Bitch Creek got its name, but us Frenziers have our theory. There are 2 access points to fish on Bitch Creek that I will elaborate on further, but the one access point that we usually fish is very steep and quite a hike to get down. Worse than the hike down, is the ridiculous hike out. We have always stated, that once you get down you are good, but it is a Bitch to get out. Hence the name Bitch Creek.

The Creek

Bitch Creek begins as two separate forks that eventually join just before the Idaho border in Wyoming. North Bitch Creek begins just north of Moose Mountain. South Bitch Creek begins just north of Dry Ridge Mountain both peaks in the the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The two creeks meander out of the mountains and eventually meet about 5 miles due east from the Idaho/Wyoming border forming Bitch Creek. Just before it crosses into Idaho the Jackpine Creek also dumps into Bitch Creek. Once in Idaho, Bitch Creek is used as the border separating Fremont County and Teton County. Bitch Creek runs through spectacular canyon settings before it eventually dumps into the Teton River northwest of Driggs, Idaho. Bitch creek is itself only about 15 miles long. The north and south forks add an additional 8 – 10 miles, but the prime fishing waters of Bitch Creek is only about 12 – 15 miles.

Bitch Creek is located in Southeast Idaho originating north of the beautiful Tetons. It passes through a part of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness before entering Idaho and continuing its journey through the Caribou Targhee National Forest. Needless to say it doesn’t lack beauty.

As I previously mentioned, there are two main access points to Bitch Creek. The most prominent is located on Highway 32 just north of the booming metropolis of Felt Idaho. Highway 32 is a connector highway from Ashton, Idaho to Tetonia Idaho. To get there you take Hwy 33 out of Rexburg, Idaho towards Driggs and just before Tetonia Idaho take Hwy 32 north. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a pull off where you can park and hike down to the creek either upstream or downstream. I personally have never fished upstream. As a side note, please respect the landowners/farmers properties by staying on the dirt roads that allow us fisherman access to these beautiful spots.


Fishing on Bitch Creek is unlike any other fishery I’ve been to. The access is difficult and the hike to the creek is even worse, but all this adds to the feeling that you are the only one within miles of these fish that call Bitch Creek home. And chances are you will be alone, never seeing another person’s face the whole day.

The best time to fish Bitch Creek is after spring runoff from mid June on. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and I found out the hard way on Frenzy 1 back in 2002. I have mostly fished sub surface with stone fly nymphs mainly the famous Bitch Creek nymph. Standards such as pheasant tails, hares ears, and prince nymphs always work well. Hopper patterns have also proven very productive.

If you are looking for the perfect place to catch big Cutts with virtually no pressure then Bitch Creek is your place. I have added some pics to give you all a better feel of what this little creek is all about, but they don’t quite do it justice.


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21 Responses to “Fly Fishing Idaho’s Lesser Known Rivers. Bitch Creek.”

  1. Jared Says:


    Love the write up. It was just what I needed to get through another cold Chicago day! Will have to try my luck there late summer/early fall.



    Chubbs Reply:

    i feel for you man. when you get back over here let me know and i will take you to some sweet spots to catch some big trout.


  2. dave Says:

    “Lesser Known” -not for long


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    You still dont see many people out there. If you ever want to venture out there let us know and we will hit up the bitch.


  3. Troutdawg Says:

    That looks like a Fun Bitch :)


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    And How.


  4. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Chubbs is that the trail that some guides drag their pontoon boats down to float the teton? I think we sould add the bitch to the frenzy in the next couple years.


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    That is the one. It is a great little fishery. One of my favorites.


  5. Troutdawg Says:

    I was kidding but I have always wanted to float the Teton, just as long as someone else does the repelling of the boat, looks like a wild launch!


  6. MTGuy Says:

    Hey guys,great article. I love the out of the way streams. I am over in Missoula and after 30 years of bustin my tail building houses I am taking the current economic slowdown to get back into fly fishing.
    I hit a couple nice nameless North Central Idaho Creeks last fall and just slayed the cutts.
    I had a couple questions on Bitch Creek access. I am 52 in decent shape but had to have my hip done when I was 45. The hip is fine now and i can hike all day but how bad is the hike in to the creek? If I come down , I’ll bring the Moose Drool. Thanks for your help.


  7. timglomb Says:

    thx for this info. I’m in Denver and looking to take an east coaster on a 3 day mission somewhere remote. Do you know if this is still accessible or have any property issues closed the hiking access? I know you said it’s remote but is there road access every few miles, or can you commit to a major hike upstream and fish it for 2-3 days on your way out? Thx for any help. Want to find a great, low pressure spot.


    chubbsypeterson Reply:

    tim, the best access is going to be the bridge that crosses over Bitch Creek on HWY 32 (connects Teton county idaho to Ashton idaho). you can park right there off the bridge and walk downstream. you will want to walk a ways down stream and it should be great depending on when you go. if you go anytime in the next 3-5 weeks you will most likely get the runoff which will put a damper on your fishing. mid june on is fantastic.
    let us know how it goes!


  8. John Says:

    Any pattern recommendations for fishing mid August on Bitch Creek. Wondering how the terrestrials or PMD’s fish on the creek during that time? Don’t mind throwing a stone but after awhile nymphing I feel like a human windshield wiper…


  9. Jim Stinnett Says:

    You forgot the part about the rattlesnakes…..
    just mentioning this as a caution.

    Last time I was “down there”, we encountered several grumpy vipers sunning themselves around rock formations and fallen timber.

    Just another practical use for a wading staff…poking the path ahead to flush the snakes.

    And when will anyone write about Conant Creek, certainly the least known of the lesser knowns?


  10. Bob Says:

    Beautiful place, aptly named, though… Was there Sept 2012. Here’s what it looks like:



    GD Ferney Reply:

    My family had a ranch on the rim of Bitch Creek where it dumps into the Teton.Many times we hiked down and ran into rattlers waiting to take a bite
    out of you. However it only happened twice. Most of the time we carried a 5ft stick and going down it would be placed in front of you and going up
    hold it above your head. It seem’d the snake would strike the stick due to the heat it gave of if left in the sun.

    In the 1930’s the ranchers dynamited the white fish. As a whole The Bitch
    is a great fishing area if your body can handle the snakes and the climb out.



    Dave L Reply:

    Yeah, I hate rattlers and they are thick down there. I may go this year since I haven’t been for a few and I’m not getting any younger but really, even though I’m super careful I do wonder how it would be possible to get up and out of there alive if I got bit. No cell coverage of course and half the times I’ve seen snakes I couldn’t hear their warning rattle over the sound of the creek. Anybody know how often they need to drink and when they prefer to do it? Seems like I see them near the water mostly in the mornings. Anybody?


  11. Homer Says:

    I’ve read that Bitch is derived from the French for a doe, “biche.” Early trappers there were Frenchmen. I’ve fished below Hwy 32 and caught cuts to 12″. Slow going but never saw another soul. From the converted railroad bike trail you can get in further upstream. Nice water there., too.


    Lary Reply:

    Where is the bike trail?



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