Midge hatch on the Provo River anyone?

February 23, 2009

Provo River, Reports

Here is another post from our Doctor of Fish Travis Gillespie.  Check out his blog, Xstream Outdoors

What’s tiny, black and very hard to imitate? You guest it, a late season Midge Hatch on the Middle Provo.  I had this last Saturday all to myself and The only thing I had planned was to plan to do something.  As I drifted off to sleep Friday night I had two ideas, one was to wake up early and drive out to the Green River solo and the other was to venture to unfished sections of the upper Provo River that had been locked up to private landowners for yrs, but now are open to their natural state.  As planned I woke up at 4am, still undecided on what road to take, I fought over the pros and cons until my mind was set. The unknown wins again!!! Plus the extra 3 hours of sleep was nice. At 7am I rolled out of bed and packed the Jeep. When I arrived to the river access. I was greeted with something one would see on an Alaskan cruise. The river was lined with ice and flowing slush and ice chunks were the norm. Right off the bat I found a nice deep run with some very promising water. I hooked up with two fatties and that was it. The ice and the freezing water was enough to prompt me to head down river in search for some warmer water and a late morning midge hatch on the tailwater below Jordanelle Dam.  I got to my spot to see three trucks already there, dang I though, but when I pulled up everyone was just getting set up, so I pulled over and grabbed my rod and was the first to hit the river.  As I approached the river I could see rings of midge eating trout.

My heart started pounding. I got set up with an outfit of #24 single midge with a orange asher. Within my first ten casts I managed to miss at least 3 fish and land 2 nice little browns.

That is about how the rest of the afternoon went for me. I would miss about ten fish for ever one that I landed. The biggest problem that I had was my over excited hook sets on 7X. I must had broken off at least 20 flies in fishes mouths. (Slurp, That was my fly!, hard hook set, feel the fishes weight, snap, SH!! SUCK!!!) Oh well, I was a little rusty on fishing dries. As the hatch started dying down around 3pm, I decided to switch locations again to see if I could catch some of the action on big browns that my little sis had a few weeks back. Our secret spot didn’t disappoint. I hooked and landed 5 nice browns and a few feisty little bows and one huge whittie within an hour.

In all it was a great day to be out fishing. The weather was perfect for a Feb day. Sunny and about 30-40 degrees average.

I left the house at 7am and returned back home at around 7pm…Next time I will remember to bring my wallet or some kind of food to hold me over on a long day on the river…I returned home beat, tired, and starving, but totally fulfilled and content. Weird how that works

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3 Responses to “Midge hatch on the Provo River anyone?”

  1. philip Says:

    Great pictures. Even without food and money, looks like you had fun. Whoever, took the pictures should consider photography.


  2. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Thanks Philip, all the pics were taken solo. I wish I had more training and better equipment for taking pics. The midge hatch on our local water is great right now and only get better when the bwo start showing up.


  3. Bill Says:

    Looks like a San JUan worm from here


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