Nymphing with 7X in big water is tough fishing

February 21, 2009

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Two fellow Frenziers Dave Hancey and Travis “Dr” Gillespie just recently went down to AZ to hit Lees Ferry.  This article was taken from Dr. Gillespie’s Xstream Outdoors blog.

I have been to a lot of fly fishing destinations all over the world and few rival the experience that I had visiting the Colorado River at Lees Ferry.  This trip was was full of the unknown and much anticipation.  As we traversed the Rockies on our way to the dessert we were meet with snow, wind and rain until we finally reached the sunny dessert floor and 68 degree temps.  Friday Feb 6th found Hancey and I wading into the rough waters of the 1 mile an1/2 walk in section of the river.  As we strung up our ham-n-eggs (San Juan-Glow Bug) and on my second cast BAM! My indicator shoot up river and I was hooked up with a hot Lees Ferry Bow. When I netted the fish it was glowing red like a Steelhead.  By far the most colorful wild Rainbow I have ever caught and a great start to our trip.

I am going to let the pics tell most of the story…They do a lot better job

My new Korkers Streamborn boots…First time in a long time I didn’t have cold uncomfortable feet. I love um

In the last hour we hooked up with 5 nice bows leaving us excited and wanting more…fast riffles and zebra midges were the ticket as the evening hatch surrounded us

The culture and atmosphere of this dessert lodge was one of my favorite aspects of the trip. Everyone at the small dinner were fishermen and everyone was having a good time. Great feeling.

Tying up some flies for the morning…We meet a couple very nice guys from Georgia who let us sit with them for dinner.  After a 5 Star rack of ribs we were set to share a boat for the morrow with our new fishing friends. (Ed and Brock)

Cliff Dwellers Lodge (fly fisherman’s heaven)
Stuffed Biscuits and Gravy!!! Freakin Amazing Cafe
Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell)
19 inch Bow, big fish of the trip

Look at those spots!!! Wild Wild Rainbow
Only Green Grass in the area


This was the hardest fighting buck bow I caught all trip
Prep for the morning…We tied flies, Cleaned our lines(first time ever for me) watch fish porn, tied up our outfits and came up with strategies for the morning.

The last day was a little colder, but since it was supposed to rain everyday I can’t complain. It didn’t rain on us once.

Hey Hancey “Go smoke a cigarette” ” My boat is faster than yours” We had a run in with some AZ guys…Hancey took care of that by telling the river controlling freaks to stick it where the sun don’t shine…Idiots…But the best was when I caught two fish in a row and on the second they yelled out “F…You!” I just thought, thanks!

Hancey cleaned house with fish after fish in the fast riffles. These smart trout made us work for ever fish we caught.  The cold front didn’t help out much either…I guess when the guides are struggling it is tougher fishing. (Not for Skip, 30 fish on 9X with a beginner, right) Nymphing 7X in big water is tough fishing anywhere in the world.

In all this was a very rewarding trip. I have gained some great insite on fishing, life and the untouched beauty of this amazing eco system.  Most of all it was valueable time spent doing what I love with old friends and new.

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4 Responses to “Nymphing with 7X in big water is tough fishing”

  1. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    Awesome stuff, guys.


  2. Amy Wagner Says:

    I am very new to the fishing game, I haven’t tried fly fishing as yet only started recently to fish for bass and read up on the how too’s. The more I read about fishing the more I see that one can indeed fly fish for bass as well. I loved going through your photo’s here and those trout that you caught are so pretty. Thanks again for an interesting read.


  3. Rick Says:

    Great pics! Me and a buddy were at Lee’s Ferry a few weeks ago (my 5th time). I can attest to everything said about the fishing there. Amazing amount of fish that are big, fat and really bend your rod.



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