Headbutting Zingers

February 16, 2009


chocolate-zingerIf you could headbutt one snack food and one snack food only, what would it be?
Guaranteed it would be Zingers.
If you were starving in the middle of the wilderness, what would you desire most?
If you were going to rub a pastry all over your body, what pastry would that be.
Zingers are a tasty piece of heaven that is always right, ALWAYS RIGHT.

Every fly fisherman has his/her fishing food. You pull into the gas station and grab the water, energy drink, sunflower seeds, and what else? A staple frenzy food has always been the zingers. It is strategically placed at the end of an aisle calling your name as you walk by, “Hoss, please headbutt me”. For further understanding of this amazing snack food, let examine;

Let’s break it down really quick:

1. You have dense, moist cake that simple melts across your palate. CHECK
2. You have cream filling in 3 strategic locations allowing maximum cream in every bite. CHECK
3. You have a thick layer of frosting across the top, and get this; ribbed for your tongues pleasure. CHECK

Does any other snack food pass the checklist? Doubt it. Matter of fact, we are starting this year’s Fly Fishing Frenzy with a Zinger eating contest. Be watching for that. The hot dog eating contest ain’t got nothing on us.

So next time you are venturing out to fish the unknown and need a worthy companion, dont forget the zingers. However, be careful of that darn Zinger Zapper.


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7 Responses to “Headbutting Zingers”

  1. Mike Aydelotte Says:

    That was one of the best testimonies I have ever heard. All I have to say in amen brotha.


  2. Jake Butikofer Says:

    choco-diles are a close second.


  3. DSFlyman Says:

    I grew up on those… and haven’t had one in years. I need to fix that!


  4. Fat Guy Alex Says:

    raspberry with coconut. mmmm


  5. Big Hoss Says:

    The Frenzy needs to organize the first world wide Zinger eating competition.


    Chubbs Reply:

    Guaranteed we will.


  6. Fly Fish Chick Says:

    Love Zingers. Although Hostess Cupcakes are also divine.


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