6 Must have fly fishing DVD’s

February 11, 2009

Fishing DVD's

(1) ‘Landing the Trout of Your Life’ by Landon Mayer and John Barr is produced by Mad Trout Media. Learn some of the tricks of the trade from two of fly fishing’s biggest names. Colorado native Landon Mayer has landed over 250 trophy trout in his career as a professional fly fisherman and tells you how he gets these monsters to the net. Colorado resident John Barr has created some of fly fishing’s most popular fly patterns including the Copper John and Barr’s Emerger. This video is great for the beginner and expert alike, Mayer and Barr are incredible fishermen and their tips will certainly get you into some serious trout.

(2) ‘Trout Bum Diaries, Volume I: Patagonia’ by AEG media was the first in the ‘Trout Bum’ series it is still my favorite of the trilogy. This video follows four trout bums on their search for trophy trout through Patagonia. Nothing will get an angler more amped than watching a bunch of guys living to find large trout in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Superbly done, this is one of my all time favorites.

(3) ‘Red Gold’ by Felt Soul Media provides an excellent insight into the Bristol Bay fishery and the proposed Pebble Mine which would be located near Lake Iliamna, Alaska. Interviews with locals and others who depend on the watershed for sustenance are shown as well as interviews with Northern Dynasty, the company that is fighting to create the controversial Pebble Mine. This is a great film that all fly anglers, outdoor enthusiasts and folks who care about the environment should see.

(4) ‘Drift’ by Confluence Films gives a glimpse into the lives of those who make fly fishing their lives. With unbelievable footage, a great soundtrack and exotic locales this movie puts you in the mood to fish, period. ‘Drift’ is like a fly fishing film on steroids and in my opinion the new standard upon which the next generation of filmmakers will work to achieve. From the Turneffe Flats in Belize fishing for Tarpon and Permit to the Kashmir Region in Northern India for rarely caught trout, this film is covers it all.

(5) ‘Soulfish’ by Burl Productions follows Mikey Weir and friends on one incredible fly fishing trip. Fans of the ‘Trout Bum Diaries’ series will enjoy this super sweet film. From trout to bonefish this movie has something for every angler.

(6) ‘Chasing Silver A Tarpon Journey’ by Howard Films explores the beauty and difficulty of catching one o the greatest sport fish on a fly, the Tarpon. This film takes you via land, air, and sea through the Florida Keys to pro-anglers favorite tarpon spots. And for the first time, see Gold Cup champions, Andy Mill and Tim Hoover share their secrets without scripts, score cards …. censors. This films captures the essence and sheer blood pumping adrenaline that accompanies the art of Chasing Silvers.

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  1. Troutdawg Says:

    This is a pretty good video and teh book is not bad as well. I caught up with him a few weeks ago and he was telling me he is finishing up another Trout book, looking forward to that one as well~


    Troutdawg Reply:

    Oh the others were also good especially the Drift and My alltime Fav…Chasing Silver!!!!!!


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