Lunch Time on Tibble Fork Reservoir

February 4, 2009

Tibble Fork Reservoir, Videos

Here is another addition of Lunch Time Fishing.  This time I decided to hit Tibble Fork Reservoir.  The Reservoir is about 20 min from my house so that makes it a prime candidate for a quick fish.  I ended up fishing about 45 minutes so even though the travel time was about the same as fish time just being up out of inversion and smog of the valley and fishing is very worth it.  Here is some info on the river and reservoir.

Tibble Fork Reservoir is a small reservoir located in American Fork Canyon.  The surface area of the lake is only 13 acres and the maximum depth is 36 feet so you can imagine it is not a big reservoir at all.  The reservoir is home to rainbow, brook and brown trout most ranging in the 8 to 15 inch range.

As you can tell from the video it was a sunny day with a temperature of about 40.  The lake is about 2,000 feet above the valley so I thought it was going to be cold but it was so nice I didn’t even wear my jacket.  I am hoping to have a few more videos over the next few months of different waters to go along with the theme.

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11 Responses to “Lunch Time on Tibble Fork Reservoir”

  1. Palmer Says:

    Hoss- Nice video! You site is a lot of fun to keep tabs on. It allows me to enjoy an lunch time fish without even leaving my office. Thanks for the updates!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thanks for the comment. You need to get out with me soon. You are missing out on some great fishing.


  2. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Tibble Fork has the 2nd most beautiful water in Utah. First being Bear Lake of course. It is a gem being so close to the Utah County area. It looks like you had a perfect weather day Hoss. The thing I love about Tibble is that you can fish Midges 365 days a year on this lake (on the east side in the shallows for cruising wild browns up to 18 inches). In a way its like flats fishing on the ocean. You have to spot your target and really make a great presentation or these weary fish will bolt for cover. When I fish it I use a long 12 ft leader with 7X tippet and nothing larger than size 24 midges.(black, brown, gray) The secret I have found over the years is in the retrieve. You have to see what they want for the day. Dead Drift, Skiddering the surface, or the twitch. (Skiddering is very effective to make your fly stand out over the others) These shallow water browns (1-2 feet of water) are some of the hardest fish in the state to catch. You really have to be on your A game to have a chance at fooling one of these fish. Its kinda the same reason why “The Ranch” is so famous on the Henrys Fork river in ID. The reward and challange of catching wise fish on small dry flies is truely the next step in ones dry fly fishing progression. But the nice thing about Tibble is that after you get humbled by shallow wild browns you can move to the rivers inlet and catch stocked rainbows all day long on little wolley buggers or a para adams and dropper. The best Midge hatch occurs at first light and at dusk in the summer. I rule of thumb is Migdes usually hatch at the most comfortable part of the day. If anyone ever wants to chase these fish let me know and i’ll try to make it out with ya.

    Dr G


    Big Hoss Reply:


    I need you to do a post on Tibble Fork. What you just wrote just taught me a ton. I love that lake and we need to go up together so you can show me your skills.


  3. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Sounds good. I’m thinking with this great weather we are having I need to start taking 2-3 hour lunches. Hey ru game for Lees Ferry?


    Big Hoss Reply:

    i can’t come this weekend I wish I could. When do you want hit the river?


    Dr Gillespie Reply:

    Next week we should hit it for lunch on Tues and Thursday or I can be done at 3 and we can hit it until dark. Also I found some of those colored glue sticks like your dad had. They totally rock and should produce big time this weekend and into spring.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I am in for sure, and we can do what ever you want lunch or start at 3 until dark. I saw those pics from Tibble on your blog. did you just get up there or was that older stuff?



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