Fly Fishing Film Festival in Great Falls, Montana

January 25, 2009


All of you that will be in the Big Sky country the end of January are going to want to attend the Fly Fishing Film Festival (and we thought the Fly Fishing Frenzy was pushing the limits with consecutive words beginning with F in a row).

It is January 30th in Great Falls, Montana at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Fly Fishing Film Tour


10 Responses to “Fly Fishing Film Festival in Great Falls, Montana”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Is anyone going up? Are there any local showings like the Fly Fishing Film Tour (AEG Group)?


    Big Hoss Reply:

    There are two close, one in SLC and one in Orem. I want to hit the one in SLC. Anyone else in?


    Dr Gillespie Reply:

    I’m for sure going again this year to the Fly Fishing Film Tour (put on by AEG) on Feb 17th in SLC. I might hit the showing in Orem on the 18th too. I wish that the Fly fishing Film Festival at is in Great Falls would travel around also. Maybe next year we can plan on attending with a few frenzy members?


    Dr Gillespie Reply:

    Hey Hoss what did you and Chubbs end up doing this last weekend? I freakin have the f’ing itch to get out and try all the new flies I have been tying.

    Big Hoss Reply:

    We hit the lower provo on Sat and killed it. we only got in about 2 1/2
    hours due to the rain but it was awesome.

    Chubbs Reply:

    Hoss had to get out of the rain a little early to sew it up ifyaknowhaimsayin. :)

  2. Alaska fishing Says:

    any of you knows when the festival comes on tour to alaska??


  3. Alaska fishing Says:

    does anyone knows when the festival comes to Alaska??


    Dr Gillespie Reply:

    There are two showings in Anchorage, AK on March 27th. The first starts at 6pm.(doors open at 5:30pm) The second is at 9pm.

    To find more info about the tour check out the website at



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