Interview with Ryan Sansoucy

January 3, 2009

Frenzy Interviews

Our Sage Advice Saturday takes us clear across the the United States to New England where our man Ryan Sansoucy is Owner and Guide of Hush Fishing.

“Hush is more than just a company, its our life. Hush was started in 2001 and has brought my wife and I through many kinds of trials. Last season I had a bad motorcycle crash and some financially trying times which put us in a tent for 2 months, so we could still guide and keep Hush running. Yet last season we met and fished with some awesome people as we do each year. Hush continues to develop new products, proving to ourselves that perseverance builds character and tests your dreams. Each year has been bittersweet for us. We will continue to strive to build a lifestyle company that’s roots and purpose is for our clients, friends, guides, and family. Hush is for everyone that loves to fish. Even if your don’t use our products and want to join the vision. Simply join the Brother/Sisterhood. Make a choice to better and preserve what we love.”

Ryan sat down with us this week in an interview imparting his Fly Fishing knowledge to all that wants to listen. We want to give a big Thank You to Ryan. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Interview with Ryan Sansoucy”

  1. hiflyin24 Says:

    Wow! Great interview fly fishing frenzy! Ryan Sansoucy has done so much for the sport of fly fishing. He’s truly one of the great ambassadors of fly fishing. He’s in for all of the right reasons. And like he said, we have a responsibility to pass this great sport onto our children and the “generation of ipods”. :) Maybe our next fly fishing frenzy trip could be a guided tour by Hush Fishing. It would even be great to get him out here and have him show us a few of his fly fishing techniques on the Provo River, Green River or even the Snake River. Heck, it would be fun to have him put on a clinic for kids at Rainbow lake and see if he could catch one of those 40″ Tiger Muskees that continue to elude all of us! Well done, and thank you Ryan for your great calling!


  2. simmons Says:

    Thanks for the interview guys. I love Ryan’s attitude toward fishing, especially because I am so new to this type of fishing that it can be a little intimidating and frustrating fishing with others that are artist at the flyfishing sport. Keep it up fellas. Good stuff!


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