Who said the spawn is over?

December 14, 2008

Provo River, Reports

This past week I found myself reading Dr. Gillespie’s blog about all the fish he has been catching on the provo.  In his post “it’s Mr Brown” he said “It’s funny how a little cold has scared all the fisherwomen away”.

Well, let me backup a bit.  This past week has been the craziest and most stressful week I have had in very long time with getting my other little venture ready for launch Bloggled. Check it out.  With all that stress, I was hoping that I could find a couple hours to wet a line and leave all the stress at the office.  After I read what Travis wrote about “fisherwomen” I had to prove my manhood and that fact that a little cold wouldn’t scare me away.  So, Thursday morning I sent Travis a text asking if he wanted to hit the river later that afternoon.  Ofcourse he said yes and he came and picked me up at 2:30 that afternoon.  On the way up we were talking about how on a local TV show they talked about how the spawn was over and we thought that was the contributing factor that all the fisherman are coming out anymore. We ended up only fishing until about 5 but that is all we needed.  The fishing was great and despite what people are saying the fish we still in their reds spawning.  Yes it was cold but not unbearable.  The Rovo River once again, provided us with a great afternoon.  We also ran into a guy named Lloyd and had some great conversation about fishing.  I hope we can run into him again in the future, he seems like someone that could really provide some stories from his life of where he has fished.


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  1. Troutdawg Says:

    Counting down the days to get back in the water myself, the Doc says in a few weeks since shoulder rehab getting better, Can’t wait!!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Good to see you here Troutdawg. Hope you get out soon as well. Love your blog by the way.


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