Upper Blackfoot River part II

November 29, 2008

Blackfoot River, Reports

To give you an idea of how my weekend has gone I have not had any TV at all.  My in-laws decided to turn the TV off a week before the Holiday.  Now, for me not having TV supper sucks especially the weekend of major football games, at least I had planned to hit the Upper Blackfoot River one of the days.  Dave Hancey and Shane (my father-in-law) were planning on coming with me but Dave had an emergency and couldn’t make it and Shane wasn’t feeling well so I had to fly solo.  So in the spirit of the Fly Fishing Frenzy I decide when I was getting to the spot I would try and do a lot of video of the location and myself talking.  Over all the day was great.  It snowed the whole time I was there but wasn’t to cold.  What you will see below is a few of short videos put together of my day on the Blackfoot River.

Fly Fishing Frenzy video (Survivor Man style!!)

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9 Responses to “Upper Blackfoot River part II”

  1. Chubbs Says:

    Dude, that video is a cross between “The Blair Witch Project” and “Man vs. Wild”. Some of the time i thought you were just floating. Great footage. Man i wish i could have gone. I cant wait to nail that river so many times next year. :)


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thanks, I guess the river closes tomorrow. We need to find out when it opens up and hit it opening day.


  2. simmons Says:

    Looked like a nice little spot to spend some time on the river. I like the video report. Real nice!!


  3. cutthroat stalker Says:

    Big Hoss, Nice video idea–I like it! I fished the upper Blackfoot for the first time this past year (I’ve got a report on it somewhere on my blog). It looks like you are parked at the last parking lot before the road winds around then over the river. Is that correct? Have you fished that stretch often? We fished the first section of the Ranch, just above the Narrows. BTW Love the site! Keep up that video stuff.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thanks for the props. I fished it for the first time a couple months ago and needed to go back before it closed. Check out the other post http://www.flyfishingfrenzy.com/2008/10/27/upper-blackfoot-river-idaho-fishing-report-where-big-cutts-roam/. I did pull into that turn out that you are thinking of. The reason we went up there was because my friend has 1700 acres with 2 1/2 miles of river property outside of soda springs on the Bear River and we go up and camp there from time to time. We will hit that section of the Blackfoot River much more next year. Again thanks for the comment. I also checked out your site love it! Send me the link to your report I would love to read it.


    cutthroat stalker Reply:


    I actually read that other report on the Blackfoot about two weeks ago when i first found your site. Nice report and detail. My report is pretty wimpy compared to it. But the fishing was slow that day so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. I plan on making it a few more times next year though.

    Here’s my report: http://scarles.org/blog/?p=149

    PS I added a link to FFF from my home page under this link category “Blogs – Fly Fishing Northern Utah & Environs”

    Keep up the good work!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thank you for adding us. I did the same.

  4. johnny Says:

    Bxh4nS Thanks for good post



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