Rainbows Spawn in the Spring, Right?

November 25, 2008

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parts of this post taken from XstreamOutdoors.blogspot.com. Author Dr. Gillespie

On Friday I wanted to fish even if it was for only an hour or so.   I had hit the Provo River a few times in the last week and a half so I was thinking of going somewhere new.  Luckily in classic Fly Fishing Frenzy fashion Dr. Gillespie dropped me a text saying that he was only working until 11 so I got a few things done and headed out with the Doc.  As you will read below we went up to Wallsburg Creek as it dumps into Deer Creek Reservoir.  I have heard about the how the Rainbows spawn in the fall on this river and have always wanted to hit it.  I have also heard from Travis about how sometimes you can get 20+ inch bows to come out of the reservoir to spawn in this little river.  The full report is below

There are certain places I feel I have to fish each year during specific seasons. I don’t get the chance to make it out, I almost feel cheated and saddened about the lost tradition. So with this in mind. On Friday, I was only going to work until 11am and then meet up with Hoss for a little fishing on a local stream. This weeks fishing destination was a small stream that holds some nice Bows that think it is the spring I guess. I don’t know what it is about this location, but for whatever reason it is, the bows move out of the lake and spawn in the late fall instead of the Spring. Maybe one followed a Brown and the rest followed like sheep??? When we got to the inlet we started working our way up the small stream. In our first location I quickly hooked up with 3 smaller Bows and got the question off our back as to if they were running. As we moved up river we found the perfect smaller eddy. We caught fish after fish. I was amazed how many fish were holding in the little 10 foot run. That couldn’t have been deeper than 4 feet and 5 feet wide.

After that Hoss and I moved from spot to spot looking for a hog, and catching 12 inch bows, with an occasional 15′. The other amazing thing was the weather we have been having. Its the end of Nov. (21st) and I was wearing a t-shirt and was still hot. This past week has been one of the best weather weeks I can remember in the history of late season fishing. If this keeps up we won’t be ice fishing this year. Pics are limited…due to a slippery camera and water…but Hoss came to the rescue and gave me his secret: put the camera on the jeep dash and crank up the heat and dry it out completely. I did it and when I got home it was as good as new. It was a great time spent with Hoss and the tradition that burns in my heart lives on.

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