The Hidden Gem: Fishing Daniels Reservoir

November 24, 2008

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I never knew Daniels Reservoir even existed and probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t have a brother-in-law born and raised in Malad, Idaho. Lucky for me I do. He had always bragged about how he and his brothers would go out for a few hours at night and slay 20 + inch rainbows cast after cast. Finally, I took him up on his offer and head northwest of Malad to a place that ranks in my top 5 lakes to fish, Daniels Reservoir.

Daniels Reservoir lies about 17 miles northwest of Malad City, Idaho. Exit at the main Malad exit off I-15 and go through town until you reach the T in the road in the heart of Malad City. Turn right on Bannock St. and then stair step your way (left/right) until you are on Elkhorn/Daniels Rd. 30 minutes later you will arrive at a small reservoir stacked with trophy rainbows.

I have had most success and have heard from the local experts that the northeast corner of the reservoir is the best area to fish. There is a small stream that enters Daniels Reservoir at a north central spot on the lake itself. That stream creates a pathway through thick underbrush that is ideal to paddle your pontoon boat or float tube through as you strip your leech or woolly bugger along that underbrush.

Daniels Reservoir is also the only reservoir where I have fished for big trout in a lake with a nymphing set up on my fly rod. After stripping woolly buggers and leeches along the thick underbrush I like to switch poles to floating line with a nypmhing set up of a prince nymph and hares ear. Throwing this package close to sides of the underbrush allows big bows to come investigating at their own pace and pound the tasty set up.

Overall, Daniels ranks as one of my more favorite reservoirs to catch 20 + inch Bows consistently. Although I have had most of my success on this reservoir at the north end of the lake, I have also caught trophies bow throughout all sections of the lake.

For regular fishing reports on Daniel’s Reservoir visit the Idaho Fish and Game website.

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5 Responses to “The Hidden Gem: Fishing Daniels Reservoir”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    So when are you going to take me up there? I have wanted to hit that lake for a while now, but never had someone to go with…I heard Ice Fishing is off the charts too


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I know we need Chubbs to take us up there.


  2. Chubbs Says:

    i am open to go anytime. it is just crazy when the ice comes off in late april, early may. we might need to do a winter trip up there ice fishing. We got a lot of fishing to do th is next year boys. let’s get rallying.


  3. Flyliner87 Says:

    What are your favorite flies for this lake? Any special variations that get the bows excited? I am making a trip up there late August for three days and want to catch a bunch and leave em all there to catch next year.





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