Tribute To The Dean of the Green…Denny Breer

November 20, 2008

Green River

Taken from Xstream Outdoors author Dr. Gillespie.

The world has lost one of its best, but Denny will still be here…I was saddened to read the news that Denny Breer had pasted away in an accident…I thought this can’t be true??? I just spoke with him the Friday before his passing. As the reality set in a deep feeling of sadness filled my body…Denny was more than a friend to me and anyone else he was around. He was one of my Fly Fishing Hero’s! Every time I visited the Green River I made it a priority to stop by the shop and talk to Denny and Emmit. I loved to soak in the knowledge that they had obtained over their lifetimes. They were best friends and the two most respected men on the Green. Denny has been a constant leader in the conservation of the river he loved so dear. He went out of his way to help the rivers future and in doing so has made it one of the best rivers in the World. Denny was truly a remarkable man and fishermen. His influence and impact that he has made over his lifetime is truly remarkable. Denny will live on, in each and everyone that he has touched…I am going to miss you friend…I’ll catch that big one for ya!!!

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