The Spawn Is On!…Provo River

November 10, 2008

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Right now the Brown trout are spawning on the Provo River.  Last week on Friday afternoon I went up with Dr. Gillispie and fished it for a couple hours as well as this morning for about an hour.  I know I have talked about this before but the biggest thing fisherman need to watch out for during this time of year are the spawning beds.  I would suggest to read up on how to spot the “reds” if you dont know what they look like.  On Friday we used a Glow Bug, Red Brassie (shown left) and Hares Ears. To see the other patterns check out the post about Max fishing Tibble fork.

This morning I had a few on right when I got in the water all on the Hares Ear.  After about 20 min of nothing I switched to an egg pattern and admittedly caught 4 nice browns.  I got to the river at 9 and left at 10 so for an hour fishing I landed 6 and had on 10, needless to say it was a good morning. The great thing about fishing the spawn is the fact that you can site fish.  When you step into the river look for the reds and you will be able to spot the fish.  If you don’t see them right away then keep your eyes open for a white looking flash in the water.  This is the trout swimming sideways clearing the rocks for their eggs.

Quote from Travis Blog:

There are certain seasons,times, hatches, and locations that really draw my interest. Almost like clock work when the calender reaches that glorious month of November the Lower Provo River captures my complete attention. For the past two nights I have hit the rivers shallows in pursuit of large Brown Trout. I am looking for one fish and one take. Over the past two nights I haven’t had that chance, but the payoff of all the searching has been given in the quantity of fish not the size. I’ll keep looking for that one and pray that when I do, I’ll make the perfect cast and my knots hold true…Because you only get one, or just maybe two chances“.

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  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Thats great that you were able to get out and land some nice Browns in such a short window. I was itching to go tonight (Monday) I had everything in the Jeep, but just as luck would have it, I had to write a report up at work so I’ll get paid this up coming month. Tonight was the last night I had to submit it…but I was really debating between leaving to fish and a pay check… Like you Hoss fly fishing is a lifestyle that you eat, drink and sleep…It takes over your thoughts and all you can think about when your not doing it, is it and when your doing it, your thinking about how to do it better. I even changed my work schedule, so I can fish more this late fall into winter…(now 6am-3pm) I love this time of year and more importantly I love catching big fish on tiny or huge flies. Life is good! I’ll be on the Provo tomorrow at 3 pm if anyone wants to go or pretty much everyday this week or month…like I said life is good, because the fishing is even better…


    bighoss Reply:

    Sunday night I dreamed about fishing so I had to go up even though it was only for an hour.


  2. Chubbs Says:

    Those are some great shots of the browns. Sounds like we need to hit the Provo this week.


    bighoss Reply:

    We need to hit it for sure and this time I want to stay for more than an hour.


  3. Dryfly Says:

    You’ve gotta love the spawn on the Provo! Has anyone fished the Middle Provo lately or Wallsberg as it flows into Deer Creek? I know in years past, boths rivers have fished really well right around Thanksgiving. I completely agree with the advice to stay off of the reds during the spawn. Fishermen need to take the time to learn how to spot the reds and avoid them. In the longrun, this will have a big impact on the number of fish in the rivers. Fish on!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I don”t know if anyone I know has fished the middle section recently but I know that Travis “Dr.” Gillespie has fished Wallsberg in years past and I wanted to hit it this year. Maybe we can plan a day to hit it.

    Thanks for comment Dryfly keep’em coming


    Dryfly Reply:

    I’d love to find a day to head up there. Maybe over Thankgiving weekend. I fished the Middle over Thanksgiving two years ago and I’d say it will go down as one of the top fishing days ever. You have to be careful though, skunks like to hang in the area.


    Dr Gillespie Reply:

    I hit the middle a couple weeks ago and the spawn was just about to start. The big Browns were launching themselves out of the air. (I don’t know why they do that, but it is cool) I bet by now they are just getting started. We fished the BWOs that were coming off about 11 am and it was fun picking up some nice fish on #24 dries and #26 droppers. (Those bwo’s are tiny up there) As for Walls, I am going to check it out this week or maybe today. Let me know if anyone is game? I’ll let ya know how it is…I usally fish it Dec-Jan

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