Tibble Fork with Max…His first fish on a fly rod.

November 5, 2008

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On Saturday the 1st of Nov I took my boy Max up to Tibble Fork Reservoir as you head up American Fork Canyon, Utah. I would have liked to take him up to the Provo River but Tibble Fork is close and only about 20 min from my house.  I decided to go up there because after talking with Dr. Gillespie I knew that the brown trout would be moving up the river for their annual spawn. When we arrived there were a few people on float tubes and no one fishing the on the inlet. To fish the inlet to the reservoir you don’t need anything bigger than a 7 foot 3/4 weight rod. I have two so max and rigged up and headed out. It was muddy from rain the day before so I put him on my back to get through the mud.

As you all know you need to be very careful with where you walk in the river because of the spawning beds or “reds” as they call them. The good thing is that this little river you really don’t need to wade at all, you can fish anywhere from just one side. We used a Glow Bug as the first fly and a Hares Ear for the second.

We caught about 20 browns ranging from 8 to 12 inches all on the Hares Ear. You will not catch big fish up there but you will catch a ton. Nothing like Utah Fly Fishing.

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5 Responses to “Tibble Fork with Max…His first fish on a fly rod.”

  1. Dr Gillespie Says:

    Man, awesome job getting Max hooked up and helping catch the Fly Fishing Bug. Its trips like that that are raising the future of the sport. I love fishing that little inlet stream. It has the feel of a high country remote location.(Except for on Sat, when everyone is there)But only 15-20 mins from Pleasant Grove.

    I’ll call ya this week to hit the Provo or somewhere else.

    Dr G.


  2. Mike Aydelotte Says:

    Good job Max…way to handle that brownie! I will have to hit that with my kids as well. Thanks for the tip!



  3. Dave Hancey Says:

    Well done “Mad Max”! You’re being taught by the best! We’ll have to get Jake out fishing now too. Fish on brethren, fish on!!!


    bighoss Reply:

    We need to get Jake down to hit the river asap.



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