Montana Magic

August 29, 2008


My friends for my birthday ordered a custom fly rod from a company up in Hamilton Montana owned by a guy named Dick Galli. The website is Montana Fly Fishing Center. Back in June they asked me if there was anything that I wanted so I mentioned that I didn’t have a backpacking fly rod and it would be cool to have something simple that I could use. My one friend lives in Missoula so he knew where to go. They ended up going above and beyond what I expected and bought my an unbelievable hand made rod, it is a 4pc 9ft 5 weight and the coolest thing is it has a life time warranty. My friend from Missoula brought it down to give to me and went out on the Provo River early one morning to test it out. I can’t thank them enough for that gift. If anyone is interested in getting one let me know I can give you the info.

Brent R.

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2 Responses to “Montana Magic”

  1. Nick G Says:

    Nice looking rod my man, let’s go fishing soon bro!


  2. Breanne Says:

    Looks great! I love that it has your name on it :)


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